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SDJB Explains Local News Report on San Diego Gold Buyers

San Diego Jewelry Buyers has announced an explanation to the findings of a recent investigative news report on selling gold in San Diego.

San Diego, CA, December 04, 2008 --( San Diego Jewelry Buyers (SDJB) has announced that the findings of an investigative news program on gold buyers were not unusual, and have provided an explanation for why investigators received the best price for a gold ring from a local pawn shop.

The investigation, conducted by San Diego’s 10News I-Team, involved four identical 10 karat gold rings which retailed at $58 a piece. The news team then sold the rings to,,, and a local San Diego pawn shop.

According to the I-Team, paid them $2.80 for the 10K gold ring; paid $7.92; and $7.63. But the San Diego pawn shop paid $18.50; more than double the highest pay out from the bigger, more publicized, gold buyers.

“The reason for this is simple,” says Alan Blyler, spokesperson for San Diego Jewelry Buyers. “National gold buyers spend enormous amounts of money marketing their services. Take for example They use former Olympic gold medal winner Mark Spitz as a paid celebrity sponsor. All of that advertising cost reduces the money a customer gets backs when selling their scrap gold, dental gold, and gold jewelry.”

According to Blyler, local San Diego pawn shops and jewelry buyers frequently offer much better pay outs to consumers because they don’t have large advertising budgets. “Here at San Diego Jewelry Buyers, we have a small ad budget and rely primarily on word-of-mouth and our website to inform consumers that they are likely to receive better prices on gold, diamonds, and watches from the local businesses in their neighborhood.”

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