Sunset's Labels Continue to Sign Artists with 2009 Street Dates Set for the Legendary Hip-Hop Vocalist, Gina Thompson, to Follow the Federal Moguls CD

Sunset's labels continue to sign artists with 2009 street dates set for the legendary Hip-Hop vocalist, Gina Thompson, to follow the Federal Moguls High Risk Investment Planning CD release.

New York, NY, December 07, 2008 --( Sunset Urban Records, a division of Sunset Records to distribute Gina Thompson’s next album Missing You, slated for release in early 2009. Gina Thompson’s new release on Sunset Urban is a follow-up to her previous critically-acclaimed albums on Mercury and Elektra Records. The extended Long Play CD is filled with music produced by Rod Millwood (Kevin Hart, L. Myers). The first single is already been the #1 song on the Music Choice Channel.

Sunset records set to release the Federal Moguls CD. The Federal Moguls will release its High Risk Investment Planning CD through Sunset Records. Uniquely modern with a dash of hip-hop, the Federal Moguls are here to represent for all home owning upper middle class college graduates building their financial portfolios. Federal Moguls Branch Manager, Q-Ball (DJ for Multi Platinum act The Bloodhound Gang), and Shift Supervisor Troy Walsh (, Mr. Unlikely), work alongside the Senior Sales Associate, J. J. Sinatra and the Resources and Development, Dave Vegas.

Gina Thompson’s Missing You feature production by the powerhouse producer and club owner, Rod Millwood. The Federal Moguls CD is a full length 17 song CD produced by Q-Ball. Both projects are expected to do very well on the clubs charts and with DJ Record Pools.

This thrilling news comes just as the Thompson hit single, “We Don’t Talk No More (featuring L. Myers)” is the number one song on the Music Choice channel. Thompson’s debut album (Mercury/PolyGram) and her sophomore title, If You Only Knew (Elektra), continue to sell and make a strong statement for contemporary female hiphop vocalists making music today. Some of the more up to date impressive milestones accomplished with Gina Thompson include a number one (1) single played on the Music Choice Channel. And, that single is now being worked to clubs and DJ pools all over the world with the Missing You extend Long Play CD to be made available at the top retail outlets in the world (Amazon, Target, CD Universe, Borders, etc.). The album Missing You, should receive rave reviews for its unique versions of the hit song, “We Don’t Talk No More,” coupled with two new songs on this very special CD.

Don Lichterman says that “working with Rod Millwood is one of the best moves I have made at Sunset! He is so opened to working cool concepts and his Laff House Comedy Club, Kevin Hart and Mark Simmons CDs are the top selling artists at Sunset. Everything he produces for Sunset is at the highest level. And, Missing You is an integral album for the Sunset Urban Record label.” Sunset Urban will again spearhead the distribution, marketing and promotion effort for the music produced by (Rod) Millwood.

(Don) Lichterman then says the “Federal Moguls are another key signing for the main Sunset label. Troy Walsh (, Mr. Unlikely) is one of the most talented musicians around today. Everything he does it at a top level. And, Q-Ball (Bloodhound Gang) is one of the most talented producers and DJs in the world. Those guys working together create some of the best music I have heard in a long time. They not only work well musically and it shows in this CD, they are so diverse, unique and yet confined in the perfect way.”

Missing You will be Gina Thompson’s third album. Gina Thompson’s previous albums sold over a million records worldwide. These successful albums and singles include producers Rodney Jerkins, Sean “P-Diddy”“ Puffy” Combs and now Roid Millwood put his touch on the latest Thompson music. Some of her notable singles include "The Things That You Do," (featuring producer Missy Elliott), Elliott reappears on If You Only Knew's "Ya Di Ya," and the album also features guest performances from Beanie Sigel and Jon B. From slinky, seductive songs like "Don't Take Your Love Away" and "Caught Up" to attitude packed tracks like "You Can't Play Me," If You Only Knew showcases Thompson's versatility as a singer, songwriter and co-producer.

In a notice released by Federal Moguls agent, Q-Ball, his advice is always based on everyone’s personal objectives or financial situation and is on a case by case basis. There are also never any specific fees or revenues given to the Federal Moguls company. There are many reasons for everyone to become an investor. It may be time to save for the overseas holiday for the family, the down payment on your next home, your child’s future education or to get that nest egg for retirement.

“I am now looking to do more of these key signings at all of the other Sunset labels,” says the head of Sunset, Don Lichterman.

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