Self Improvement Magazine Inspires Hope During an Economic Downturn

Despite the growing fears and concerns surrounding economic scarcity today, Self Improvement Magazine shows that wealth and abundance is readily available for us all.

San Diego, CA, December 08, 2008 --( Americans are starting to squeeze the penny more than ever. Large retail stores are shutting down. Layoffs are happening all around us. The fear of scarcity is taking hold of everyone around.

Yet, a new magazine called Self Improvement, challenges the scarcity mindset and suggests instead that abundance and wealth are available to us all.

Bob Proctor, an internationally-recognized motivational speaker and contributing writer to Self Improvement Magazine says, “Money is the reward you receive for the service you render; the more valuable the service, the greater the reward. Attempting to ‘get’ money without providing service is also a violation of the law [of abundance].”

Todd Goldfarb, a Business Coach and contributing author to Self Improvement Magazine says, “Every day you encounter a number of opportunities that can lead to more money coming into your life. Are you the kind of person who 1) has enough awareness to see these avenues and 2) has enough guts to explore them in greater detail?”

Wealth comes from providing value to other people. The more value that you can deliver to others either by the products or the services that you offer, the more wealth you can accumulate. So instead of trying to make more money in 2009, why not instead, try to figure out how you can deliver more value to other people? Contribution – That’s where the real money is.

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About Self Improvement Magazine

The mission of Self Improvement Magazine is to inspire people all over the world to create positive and meaningful changes in their lives by providing practical advice for life success. Self Improvement Magazine focuses on the five core areas of life success: Wealth & Abundance, Personal Growth, Well-Being, Personal Effectiveness, and Relationships. Self Improvement Magazine was founded by Author, Life Coach and former Police Officer, Tristan Loo of the Synergy Institute.

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