Roatan Island Beauties - Times 2

Escape the busy Christmas season and snowy cold to a beautiful moment in time caught on a camera in sunny warm Roatan with This winner of the Photo of the Month contest is truly 'Two Roatan Beauties.'

Roatan, Honduras, December 10, 2008 --(

Trichi walked out of her tropical Roatan Island home one evening to welcome a surprise visitor that adorned her screened porch. At first she thought her guest was a butterfly and she quickly looked around to see if there were more. A tropical storm had been predicted and as folk legend on Roatan would have it, swarming butterflies marked the first tell tale sign. Not seeing any other butterflies however, she quickly refocused on her solitary visitor. This beautiful winged creature had a large body and even broader wing span. She had never seen anything like it on Roatan before. Her husband then appeared with a camera and Trichi gracefully encircled her beautiful guest. Cesar immediately saw a soft glow appear on his lovely brides face as if the light was radiating from her soft winged friend. With a click of the shutter a memory was recorded for all the world to see. A rare moment of extraordinary beauty not just for one but for 'Two Roatan Beauties'.

Winner for Novembers'Roatan Island Photo of the Month"

Two Roatan Beauties

Trichi all aglow with a rare treasure that visited her home in November. Special thanks to Cesar Gonzalez for submitting this photo.

Winners for Novembers 'Roatan Photos of the Week'

'A Not So Scary Halloween in Roatan'
Maya, the little butterfly princess, was very happy at her 'Not so scary' Halloween Party hosted by the Discovery Bay Play and Learn Center in Sandy Bay, Roatan.

'Roatan Hawksbill Sea Turtle'
The Hawksbill Sea Turtle primarily feeds on sponges and has a life span of 30-50 years. These turtles are a common site around the Roatan reef and are easily photographed as shown here in a recent picture taken by George Gardner.

'Roatan Island Life - Years Ago'
Painted by 'Luma' with an airbrush, this style gives a happy and whimsical look into the past. View this painting at Los Rocas Resort, Roatan.

'Roatan Morning Glory'
Although Roatan does not celebrate the American Holiday, Thanksgiving; the Island is full of 'Thanks' for glorious rainy morning sites such as this. Photo taken at Carambola Gardens

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