Federal Moguls to Release Quirky Album on Tuesday

New York, NY, December 14, 2008 --(PR.com)-- The Federal Moguls first studio release, High Risk Investment Planning, is set to be released on Tuesday, and young listeners will be very impressed with the entire CD. The album contains 17 (plus a hidden 18th track) tracks that show off a complete diversity of music styles. High Risk Investment Planning will take listeners in so many new musical directions, with a quirky style of music similar to artists such as Ween. The Federal Moguls will release its High Risk Investment Planning CD through Sunset Records.

The timely marketing campaign presents them as a uniquely modern band with a dash of hip-hop, they go onto to say the Federal Moguls are here to represent for all home owning upper middle class college graduates building their financial portfolios. They do not promote them as musicians today, the Federal Moguls are made up of Branch Manager, Q-Ball (DJ for Multi Platinum act The Bloodhound Gang), and Shift Supervisor Troy Walsh (MTV.com, Mr. Unlikely) whom work alongside the Senior Sales Associate, J. J. Sinatra and the Resources and Development, Dave Vegas.

The eclectic songs vary in length and style. The song "Furious" is a poppy hip hop styled track containing lyrics how they not only hate, "Kelly Clarkson (True), TC (He’s just trying to feed his family), finding a can with only one Pringle" they go onto hate “blue balls and even Q-Ball!” The entire song plays with today’s pop culture in so many fun ways.

Other songs on the CD are reminiscent of you would hear ion dance clubs all over the world. And, then they have Vicarious being worked toward the modern rock radio format. “This is a crazy album” says Don Lichterman, the head of Sunset Records about the High Risk Investment Planning CD. Lichterman says that “the entire CD tells a story from beginning to end but what is crazy ids that when Q-Ball and Troy (Walsh) made the CD this year, it was not written in this chronological way. In the end, they put it together after having the songs building what is a perfect story.

The album starts off with a velvet lounge jazz sounding intro that moves along swiftly, moving from track to track almost feeling like there are no gaps in between any of the songs. The Federal Moguls sincerely has what they describe as a unique sound, and High Risk Investment Planning is the perfect complement to their way of making eclectic music. The album will be released in every format for digital distribution at the top retail outlets like iTunes, REAL/Rhapsody, eMusic, Napster and the physical CD is available now exclusively at Target and Amazon with CD Universe, Barnes and Noble, Borders filling stores with the CD.

The Federal Moguls debut CD does stay true to its members grass roots by featuring upbeat melodies with real life lyrics coupled with an amazing rap. The album is being worked to a few formats on the radio and direct to the college market in the world. "Head Over Heels” and Touch The Light” are now getting top 200 play on all the DJ Pool Indy Charts, and Lichterman expects the songs to break top 50 by January next year. “Furious” is another single that shows that quirky sarcasm in the first music video by the band. And, then if that is not eclectic enough for one artist, “Vicarious” has been picked to be featured on the Relix Magazine CD Sampler for Feb/March. Don Lichterman points out that “it will be the issue with Phish on the cover about their return to playing live shows next year. I expect there to be more than usual newsstand buys along with its distribution to its in excess of 100,000 subscribers.” The Federal Moguls were also featured at CMJ.com this month.

The Federal Moguls is indeed a unique and a quirky band that should never fails to entertain its new fan base. Lyricist, Producer and DJ Q-Ball, is the DJ for the multi platinum act, the Bloodhound Gang. Lyricist, guitarist and rapper Troy Walsh is known for his w3ork on MTV.com and as Mr. Unlikely artist. The High Risk Investment Planning CD is an upbeat, buoyant and cheerful album that is just the thing for that intellectual crowd. The album will do very well in the college market next year with an eye towards marketing at the music fan that has an open mind. The Federal Moguls are currently setting up a tour for March 2009.

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