Leading Airline News Site Online Travel Review Releases Its 10 Strangest Airline Stories of 2008

Online Travel Review, a leading airline news website, has released the 10 strangest airline news stories of 2008. From the pilot who was fired for letting a teenager fly a 737 to the flight attendant who lit a plane on fire so he wouldn't have to fly to Saskatoon, this year has been full of strange airline tales.

New York, NY, December 20, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Online Travel Review (www.onlinetravelreview.com), one of the leading airline news websites, has released its 10 Strangest Airline News Stories of 2008. The list, which is compiled annually, features skeletons being brought through security, flight attendants lighting planes on fire, and parents forgetting their small child in the airport before jetting off to Paris.

Jared Blank, editor of Online Travel Review, notes, "As airlines wrap up a year filled with high fuel prices and a shrinking passenger base it's good to remember that there are some pretty funny aspects to the airline industry."

The 10 Strangest Airline News Stories of 2008 (Details can be found at www.onlinetravelreview.com)

10) A Nevada brothel offers to reimburse an airline's $15 checked bag fee for visiting customers.

9) Parents forget their 3-year old in a Tel Aviv airport while traveling to Paris. The couple remembered 4 of their 5 children, but after the flight departed discovered that their 3-year old was left behind. The parents took the next flight back to Tel Aviv to retrieve the child.

8) Woman sues an airline after she finds passenger seated next to her playing with himself during a flight.

7) Passenger stopped after carrying brother’s skeleton through airport security.

6) Mushroom soup causes flight diversion in Germany. A low cost airline flight was diverted after a leaky container of mushroom soup dripped on a passenger who had a severe allergy to mushrooms.

5) Pilot fired for letting 15 year old fly a 737 while the pilot went to the bathroom. The teenager flew the plane without incident.

4) Man calls in bomb threat to delay plane that he is about to miss. A reporter covering the World Cup was about to miss his flight to a soccer match and called the airline to tell them there was a bomb on the plane so the flight would be delayed.

3) Comedian brings gun through airport security in Las Vegas. Security not laughing.

2) First class passenger, angry that coach customers are departing plane before him, launches emergency chute and slides down.

And the Top Strangest Airline Story of 2008:

1) Flight attendant lights plane on fire to avoid having to work a flight to Saskatoon. A flight attendant, angry that he had to work a flight to Saskatoon, decides the best way to get out of work is to light the plane on fire.

For the full details behind each of these stories, visit the 10 Strangest Airline Stories of 2008 on the homepage of Online Travel Review (www.onlinetravelreview.com).

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