A Self-Published Book Was the Most Critically Acclaimed Book of 2008

What does being critically acclaimed actually mean? Does it mean that one book has more sales than another book? Does it mean that one book has bigger names behind it? Is a book critically acclaimed because publishers say it is?

Long Beach, CA, January 02, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Being critically acclaimed is more than what is behind a book; it is more about what is in the book. It is not just a rating, or market position that makes a book critically acclaimed it is what the people who have read it actually say about it. EveryDay Life by MG Hardie has all the making of a great book: Previously untold stories. Social-Political commentary, never-before seen characters, shared experiences, and loads of laughs. But what is it that makes EveryDay Life have critical acclaim? “Usually critically acclaimed books speak to small audiences; on the surface that is what you think that you’d get from EveryDay Life, but if you really read it you will see that it applies to everyone," says Hardie.

For EveryDay Life critical acclaim comes from all sources including academic and alternative media sources. Internet blogs that have been buzzing all year about the death of urban lit have been recently praising EveryDay Life. How often is it that radio shows that routinely focus on America’s problem have taken the time out to actually thank a book author for writing a book like this, or commend him for having the courage to put out a book like EveryDay Life, or profess that EveryDay Life, is a breath of fresh air. The mercurial author MG Hardie has been featured on radio shows that focus on Black Issues, Inspirational Topics, Hip Hop Entertainment and Comedy. Some of the reviewers have even used terms such as, Ground-Breaking, Setting a New Literary Standard, Unexpected, Surprising, Delving into Uncharted Territories, Masterpiece, On Point, Hard Core, Hilarious, Compelling and Brilliance not many books have received these kind of accolade. EveryDay Life has even been named Best Kept Literary Secret of 2008 and mentioned in a promo for America’s first literary reality show The Write Stuff, but because of the markets resistance to Self-Published titles few people have heard of this book greatness has a way of showing through even if it takes awhile to reveal itself. In many ways EveryDay Life show that the literary market needs to open up more to quality Self-Published titles.

“Have there ever been reviews like some of the ones I’ve seen for EveryDay Life. It is quite remarkable and it’s only been out for 4 months. If I am able to affect even one person with my writing that means more to me than being compared to great authors or being at the top of a year end book list” says Hardie with a smile. Simply put EveryDay Life is literature worth reading and talking about and its author MG Hardie unquestionably has made his mark. EveryDay Life does things a great book should do such as, surprise the reader, have real characters and take the reader to new places. But EveryDay Life goes even further because after you’re done reading it you are still engaged by it. MG Hardie floats ideas that lend themselves to provocative examination and stimulating discussions; always remarking on some aspect of the human condition those are reasons alone to justify the acclaim of EveryDay Life.


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M.G. Hardie