Ami Moore Learns About Calming Signals the Dog's Language

Chicago, IL, January 08, 2009 --( Ami Moore participates in a series of workshops conducted by Turid Rugass.

Ami Moore, known throughout the world as the Chicago dog whisperer, and a renowned dog behaviorist, recently participated in a series of workshops conducted by Turid Rugass. Turid Rugass, who has dedicated her life to the well being of dogs and their behaviors, concentrated on canine communication in the workshops. According to Ami Moore, "Turid Rugass strongly and genuinely feels against anger as a tool to train the dogs and is the first person to react negatively when she feels there is some lack of respect being shown towards the dog".

The workshops targeted some common mistakes made by the owners and trainers. For example, it is expected that the dogs understand what is expected and hence should do what is expected. This attitude results in lack of proper explanations when the dogs need clarity. She is strongly against causing pain or discomfort to the dogs during training situations. Ami Moore says, "She believes that choke chains and pinch collars are outmoded methods of training and one should rather depend on learning new solutions to everyday problems faced during training".

Turid emphasizes on the fact that dogs learn by association, so the trainers should make sure that the dogs don't associate them with something or someone negative, be they adults or kids. She wants the trainers to know how to learn reading signals from the dogs, so that tiredness and frustration among the dogs may be controlled in time and something may be done about it. Ami Moore says, "The workshops were emphatic about one thing, that we needed to go step by step while training dogs". Although it sounds contradictory, the slower one goes during training, the faster is the accomplishment of the training goals.

The Norwegian canine trainer has worked with the dogs over a long period of time, and has become almost an authority on the calming signals in the dogs. During a project, she recorded the behavior of the dogs on video with her colleagues, which along with her other experiences resulted in a book called "Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals". Ami Moore says, "Her insights into the world of communication with dogs are extremely enlightening. Especially her observation that talks about the species that lives in packs should be able to communicate with each other."

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Ami Moore