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KWizCom Announces SharePoint Wiki Plus Version 1.2.00 – the Preeminent Wiki Based Enterprise Solution

New, user friendly, comprehensive wiki solution created for SharePoint by KWizCom, leading developers of add-ons for Microsoft SharePoint and Dynamics CRM

Richmond Hill, Canada, January 14, 2009 --( SharePoint's powerful infrastructure can now be combined with the super-usability of Wiki.

KWizCom Corporation has recently launched the preeminent Wiki solution for SharePoint – SharePoint Wiki Plus version 1.2.00. This comprehensive SharePoint solution is already being implemented by global organizations to great benefit.

Wiki Plus was built on-top of the powerful MOSS 2007 infrastructure, enabling organizations to enhance standard SharePoint features with comprehensive Wiki capabilities. Wiki Plus brings to SharePoint 2007 unique additional features that make it the ideal tool for true, effective, cross organization knowledge sharing.

Nimrod Geva, KWizCom's VP Sales and Marketing, explains: "We wanted to provide a comprehensive Enterprise wiki solution to customers already invested in the Microsoft SharePoint platform. KWizCom's wiki plus enables customers to benefit from the SharePoint knowledge management capabilities together with enhanced wiki functionality, without having to implement another separate solution for wiki that will require additional deployment and maintenance effort."

Wiki Plus' natural integration with SharePoint answers those demands. It's all standard SharePoint behind the scenes, thus there are no separate maintenance costs, no need for separate security, anti-virus or backup measures – the organization gains Wiki capabilities without extra expenditure.

Wiki Plus grants both MOSS 2007 standard and enterprise edition users improved content editing capabilities, Wiki content templates, easy management of file attachments including embedding and inserting various data types (tables, pictures, symbols, time and date, insertion of web links either freely or from pre-prepared lists and more).

Content lifecycle management and taxonomy management are two major benefits that Wiki Plus brings to the enterprise.

With the content lifecycle management application, page content owners have an effective tool to assist in keeping page content fresh and up-to-date and users can stay abreast of the relevancy of the page content being viewed.

KWizCom's complete taxonomy solution enables Web 2.0 style tagging and hierarchal creation of categories to enhance usability and accessibility of the enterprise knowledge base.

KWizCom has brought together MOSS 2007’s powerful ECM and highly flexible knowledge management infrastructure and advanced Wiki functionality creating the preeminent Wiki-based Enterprise solution.

The solution is now available for 30-days evaluation period and can be downloaded from KWizCom's internet web site:


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