Medimix International Opens Regional Asian Office in Hong Kong, China - Online Healthcare Panel Developing in Asian Countries

One of the “pharmerging markets,” China represents a fascinating new frontier and an enormous challenge to companies as we move into 2009. Medimix International celebrates 20th year with expansion of its network and services, opening Medimix Asia.

Miami, FL, January 24, 2009 --( Medimix International begins what should be an extremely auspicious New Year in the year of Yi Chou (the Ox) with the celebration of two stellar events: its 20 year anniversary and the opening of a new regional office in Hong Kong, China, to be known as Medimix Asia.

China is a complex country that represents both a fascinating new frontier and an enormous challenge to many overseas investors, including pharmaceutical companies. Grouped among the “pharmerging” countries (China, Brazil, India, South Korea, Mexico, Turkey and Russia), it boasts one of the world largest economies, as well as the world’s largest population (1.3 billion), and it is projected to have a annual growth rate in the next few years of 14-15% in the pharmaceutical area.

However, it remains a land of contradictions, in part due to its vast size and rapidly changing systems. The wide disparity between the urban and rural population, in terms of income and health coverage, highlights the difficulty of investigating and marketing in a country that remains overall a poor one. Gathering the necessary medical data can be extremely difficult without a complete understanding of the political system and cultural differences. In fact, China has over 236 spoken languages and 56 official ethnic groups.

Medimix has been conducting surveys in Asia for its clients for almost a decade through its online platform, face to face, or in-depth phone interviews. “Over the last two years, the amount of business that we have conducted in the area has increased by almost three-fold. Opening a regional office in Asia was a natural step forward, and we are very excited about this opportunity,” comments Henry Gazay, CEO of Medimix International.

Heading the Hong Kong office is Managing Partner Bruno Leraillez, who brings enormous experience, having lived and worked in the Far East for 30 years (Japan for 10 years, Hong Kong for 20 years), and whose network area included Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, the Philippines and Singapore. Mr. Leraillez graduated from Alfort School of Veterinary Medicine and specialized in Immunology at Paris Medical University, later serving as Country Corporate Manager for Roussel-Udaf Laboratories in China (which eventually formed part of Sanofi-Aventis). His special interest area is chemical and non-chemical API-based prescriptions and OTC medicines, original delivery systems, oral care, dentistry, cosmetic and health food; and his special area of expertise lies in marketing research, pre-marketing, regulatory and M&A activities.

“Japan and China are the two main Asian markets, but they exhibit very different behaviors. Japan is as slow moving as China is well awake and evolving quickly. No healthcare company can ignore these countries in its strategy, either as a client, a partner, or a competitor,” noted Mr. Leraillez. “In China, the challenge is to design the right strategy for this rapidly evolving, fast moving economy. China can be sweet or sour, and Medimix Asia will assist its clients to market their products in this challenging market”.

The location of Hong Kong was carefully selected to serve both the Asian headquarters of life science companies, as well as their Chinese subsidiaries, “We often conduct pan-Asian surveys for numerous clients, and our Hong Kong office will serve as a regional base, with satellite offices and staff in Shanghai, Beijing and Singapore,” adds Henry Gazay. “All of our marketing research solutions are now available throughout the region.”

The Year of the Ox is known as the year that produces results. To obtain more information on conducting studies and producing results in the “pharmerging” markets (or any market) or request a live demonstration of our products, please contact Kathryn McAdam at

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