Medimix Innovation Tracker Now Available as Real Time Data Feed

Medimix International for 2 yrs has tracked responses of more than 10,000 healthcare professionals in more than 50 countries to report on the most interesting innovations offered by the pharmaceutical and med device industries. products, new delivery mechanisms, to mobile apps or differentiated commercial approaches. - July 16, 2014

Medimix International Joins The TRUST ALLIANCE –  Professional Organization to Enforce Quality Standards in Online Healthcare Data Collection

Medimix International Joins The TRUST ALLIANCE – Professional Organization to Enforce Quality Standards in Online Healthcare Data Collection

Medimix International announced that their company has joined The Trust Alliance-- an organization whose mission is to advance and promote best practices in healthcare data collection and to foster trust in online physician research. Although its members remain competitors, they come together because they are all passionate about providing quality data to their clients. - June 27, 2012

Medimix International and Sanofi Pasteur to Present Results of Social Media Monitoring Study  PMRG ANC - Orlando, March 27th, 2012

Medimix International and Sanofi Pasteur to Present Results of Social Media Monitoring Study PMRG ANC - Orlando, March 27th, 2012

Medimix International and Sanofi Pasteur will present at the PMRG ANC results of an innovative social media study which used a powerful new tracking platform to monitor social media conversations around the globe. Scouring sites representative of English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German and Chinese (or 80% of the languages used by online populations), the flagged mentions were analyzed by both machine and human to correctly categorize content, overall sentiment, and identify influencers. - March 23, 2012

Medimix Europe Moves to New Offices in Aldersgate, London

Medimix Europe Moves to New Offices in Aldersgate, London

Medimix Europe will see many changes in 2012: new staff members, new offices and new energy. It is poised to utilize latest advances in online technologies and social media to meet challenges in changing markets for the healthcare industries. - December 31, 2011

Medimix International CEO Appointed to MRII Board of Directors

Medimix International announced today that CEO Henry Gazay has been selected to be on the board of directors of University of Georgia Marketing Research Institute International (MRII), a not-for-profit organization whose core mission is developing educational and training programs for marketing... - December 08, 2011

Medimix International CEO Named to Top 100 of Most Influential People in Pharma

Medimix International announced that Henry Gazay, CEO of Medimix International and VoxMedTM, has been named as one of the 100 most influential people in the life sciences industry. He was nominated and selected by PharmaVoice readers for his vision in the area of market research and his passion for... - September 04, 2011

New Medimix Asia Commercial Manager Brings Valuable Experience in Chinese Lifesciences Market

Medimix Asia announces the appointment of Jiayin He as Commercial Manager in its Shanghai office. Ms. He brings a comprehensive knowledge of the fields of biotechnology and chemistry, as well as medical research, license applications, and pharmaceutical sales in the Chinese hospital environment. This combined understanding of medical research and Chinese doctors’ behavior promises to offer invaluable insights to life science companies seeking to enter or expand in the Asian markets. - January 12, 2011

New White Paper Report from Medimix International

50,000 Interviews done between 2006-2010 reveal cultural differences that affect concept testings. Study compared the way healthcare professionals from 20 countries use scoring scales for the five key metrics of Medimix's PromotestTM; specifically: Clarity, Relevance to Practice, Originality, Credibility, and Intention to Prescribe. - September 30, 2010

Medimix Social Media Director to Speak at INSEAD Healthcare Summit, Paris, Oct. 8th

Medimix International Social Media Director Alex de Carvalho will conduct a workshop for more than 150 executives from 20 countries attending the INSEAD Healthcare Summit in Paris, Oct. 8th. The session, entitled “Social Networking and Communities in Healthcare: Promises and Pitfalls,” the social media workshop will cover the basics of launching a social media program within healthcare, discussing strategies and applications for both patients and healthcare practitioners. - September 30, 2010

Medimix International Social Media Director to Present at EyeforPharma e-Marketing Europe Summit Berlin- March 3-4th, 2010

Medimix International CEO, Henry Gazay, announced today that Alex de Carvalho, Medimix Social Media Director, will speak at the EyeforPharma e-Marketing Europe 2010 Summit, Berlin (March 3-4), on “An Eye for Social Media: From Lab throughout the Lifecycle.” The presentation will focus on the five main steps marketing executives should consider when developing a social media strategy in the pharmaceutical sector. - March 04, 2010

Medimix Announces ScanBuzz™: The First Social Media Monitoring Platform for the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Biotechnology Industries

Medimix's new platform for social media monitoring, ScanBuzz, helps pharmaceutical organizations and marketing and communication professionals find, manage and respond to mentions of their company, brand, products, service and people online. The ScanBuzz platforms allows for the real-time monitoring all types of social media, annotation, delegation, charts, reporting, integrated workflow features give teams of users the ability to identify influencers, track mentions and measure. - December 03, 2009

Medimix International CEO Selected as Member of PBIRG 2010 Advisory Board

The Pharmaceutical Business Intelligence Research Group, has tapped Henry Gazay, a recognized leader and innovator in the use of online technology and social media, to be part of its advisory board for 2010. He brings over twenty years of experience in international marketing research, CRM, sales-force effectiveness and e-commerce. - September 03, 2009

Medimix International Updates Report on Internet Usage by Latin American Physicians

Medimix International, a specialist in global healthcare market research, recently conducted a follow-up to its 2007 study on internet usage by physicians in ten Latin American countries. This study (March 2009), conducted through telephone interviews with almost 1,973 physicians in Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, was a more detailed look at questions concerning usage patterns by country and by medical specialties. - September 01, 2009

Medimix International to Showcase Services and New Online Medical Community at ASCO AGM - May 30-June 1st

Medimix International, a leader in global healthcare marketing research for life sciences industry, announced today that it will be exhibiting at the 45th AGM of the American Society of Clinical Oncology in Orlando, Florida (May 29-June 2, 2009). With over 26,000 professionals from 128 countries attending the ASCO event, Medimix’s presence will have a dual purpose: to extend an invitation to these experts to become part of its new online community and to showcase its services. - May 22, 2009

New Global Medical Information Resource Online from Medimix

Medimix International is introducing a new online resource for the global medical community to facilitate exchange of information. The Global e-Advisory Board consists of a panel of experts recruited from renowned centers in the US, Top 5 EU, and Asia that will be available for consultation on Medimix survey projects conducted for pharmaceutical, medical device, or biotechnology companies. Areas of expertise currently include oncology, hematology, neurology, nephrology, and cardiology. - March 06, 2009

Medimix International CEO, Henry Gazay, to Present Session "Brave New Worlds: Emergence of Innovation in the E7 Countries" at PBIRG's AGM - May 17-20, 2009

Henry Gazay, CEO of Medimix International, will present at a University Session May 18th at the Pharmaceutical Business Intelligence and Research Group’s AGM in Phoenix, Arizona. The presentation will focus on the specific challenges and opportunities presented by marketing to the extremely diverse cultures of the E7 “pharmerging markets,” with particular emphasis on what are known as the BRIC countries (Brazil, China, India, and China). - February 04, 2009

Medimix International Opens Regional Asian Office in Hong Kong, China - Online Healthcare Panel Developing in Asian Countries

One of the “pharmerging markets,” China represents a fascinating new frontier and an enormous challenge to companies as we move into 2009. Medimix International celebrates 20th year with expansion of its network and services, opening Medimix Asia. - January 24, 2009

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