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SDJB Explains Business Model for Buying and Selling Used Jewelry, Watches, and Diamonds

San Diego Jewelry Buyers (SDJB) has issued an explanation of its customer service and business model for buying and selling pre-owned luxury items.

San Diego, CA, January 28, 2009 --( San Diego Jewelry Buyers (SDJB) has issued an explanation of its customer service and business model, so that all customers can better understand how SDJB conducts its daily business operations. The reason for the public statement is that with today’s struggling economy, San Diego consumers have been increasingly seeking the company’s services as a fine jewelry and gold buyer; as well as a pawnbroker services provider of cash loans on large carat diamonds and premium watches, such as Rolex and Patek Philippe.

Consumers looking to sell items though are not the only customers of San Diego Jewelry Buyers. Many San Diego jewelry shoppers (as well as jewelers and wholesalers) are taking advantage of the company’s large stock of fine jewelry and timepieces to purchase items that are priced at, or below, their wholesale value. Because estate jewelry sellers and buyers have different needs and expectations, SDJB has issued the following explanation regarding its business operations to ensure that everyone who walks into their store knows what to expect.

“The main thing we want our customers to understand is that we run a small store and try to keep our business expenses as low as possible,” explains David Blyler, a spokesperson for San Diego Jewelry Buyers. “Keeping a small staff and low overhead means that we can make much better offers to customers on their pre-owned jewelry, diamonds, watches, and gold; while at the same time re-sell these fine luxury items to shoppers and wholesalers at the lowest possible price.”

But, according to SDJB, the company’s low operating costs also means that they cannot afford to offer potential customers extra retail services, like consumer financing and lay-away plans, that a high street jeweler might provide, nor afford to spend all day with a single customer, trying to help them build up the confidence to make a purchase or sell an item.

“We are all about information and education at San Diego Jewelry Buyers, which is why we are continually expanding our website with informative articles about the jewelry, diamond, and watch industries,” adds Blyler. “There are also several objective online forums like that offer good information about buying and selling fine jewelry and diamonds.”

SDJB therefore advises customers to first do some research online before coming to them, or visit several local high-end jewelers to ask questions about the purchase or sale they are considering making. Then, when they come into the SDJB’s store the staff can answer any further questions they might have; enhance their education in any areas if need be; and conduct business in the quickest, most efficient, stress free manner that fits the San Diego Jewelry Buyers business model: that is, providing high value to consumers through its low overhead and 20+ years expertise in the industry.

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