Sentrana Unveils Comprehensive Business Intelligence Suite

Washington, DC, October 29, 2008 --( Sentrana Inc., a Washington DC-based leader in solutions for excellence in scientific micromarketing, announces the release of a major enhancement to its Query Builder application, transforming this functionality into an enhanced Business Intelligence Suite with hosted high performance data warehousing capabilities and expanded applications throughout the pricing lifecycle.

The integrated Business Intelligence Suite consists of four distinct components. Query Builder is a decision support functionality that enables users to run ad hoc queries for analysis, iterative testing and discovery. The second component, Report Builder, enables users to format data into presentation-quality reports and diagnostics. Report Runner further enhances the solution’s capabilities for users in multiple operating company environments, as reports can be run for any number of new operating companies, using each company’s pertinent data, without changing the queries or the format. Finally, the Report Scheduler application enables users to set up parameters for automated report generation to re-run specific queries either on a one-off or regular periodic basis.

Sentrana Vice President of Engineering Steven Washington emphasizes the unique level of support achievable through the hosted high performance data warehousing. “We put data into the high performance warehouse and make it available to our clients in ways they haven’t even imagined, let alone achieved with other solutions” comments Washington. In addition, Washington emphasizes the importance of the BI Suite to the objective of seamless end-to-end pricing. “BI Suite” is critical to the decision support phase of the pricing lifecycle, enabling decision makers to check and confirm optimization recommendation before moving to the execution phase. It also serves as a monitoring function in the post execution phase, so with the BI Suite they are moving closer to supporting the enterprise at all stages of the lifecycle.

In an environment with multiple operating companies the ability to provide consistent, timely and informed reporting among a cross-section of users is a critical advantage in rapidly deploying important insights gained from the data and comparing them across operating units. The new Sentrana Business Intelligence Suite combines the analytical effectiveness of an ad hoc query environment through which to experiment and discover meaningful market insights with high quality, professional reporting and scalability over multiple operating environments.

Sentrana, Inc.
Bahia Simons-Lane