Travel Recommendations from Friends Just Got Easier

Introducing the new way to give and get travel recommendations between you and your friends.

San Francisco, CA, February 07, 2009 --( Despite the wealth of information available, many travelers still turn to their friends for travel advice and recommendations. “Friends are seen as trusted sources of information because their tastes and preferences are known.” said COO Jimmy Ku. “Reviews from online personalities can be fabricated and their preferences might be unknown.” Although useful, friends’ recommendations can be difficult to gather. With the new features, GoPlanit eliminates the need for much of the back-and-forth communication and makes recommendations more personal.

Sharing recommendations with friends is easier with the new “Quick Rate” system. It is designed to allow quick feedback on attractions, restaurants, and hotels in a given destination. These ratings provide a quick gauge for each item. To provide more detailed information, write a review. These ratings and reviews will be provided to friends looking for assistance during the travel planning process.

Getting recommendations from friends is also easier. You can receive friends’ recommendations while browsing destinations or while creating an itinerary. From any destination page, travelers can see the activities, restaurants, and hotels that their friends are recommending. Friends who’ve been there are also listed along with information such as number of times visited, date of last visit, and itineraries on GoPlanit. Friends’ recommendations are also provided as part of the “Plan it” feature which creates a personalized trip at the click of a button.

“Our goal at GoPlanit has always been to focus on more of a push methodology,” said CEO, Steve Chen. “We recognize the importance of recommendations from friends. So, we’re providing these new functions to help the decision-making process.” The new social friend features are a step toward providing more personalized recommendations to make every trip special.

About GoPlanit:

Based in San Francisco, GoPlanit was founded in August 2007. GoPlanit is the one-click travel planner that’s useful on the go. Travel planning can be very frustrating and time-consuming. One can spend weeks or even months researching details, organizing travel plans, and communicating with friends, family and other travelers. GoPlanit helps simplify the process – saving you time, money and aggravation when planning your trips. Please contact them at and visit them at

Jimmy Ku