N2growth Announces the Launch of a New Business Blog

N2growth’s Managing Director and Chief Strategy Officer to moderate the new Blog.

Portland, OR, May 17, 2006 --(PR.com)-- N2growth (“N2”), a leading venture growth consultancy announced today that it has launched a new business blog (www.n2growth.com/blog) that will provide news and commentary on critical issues pertaining to corporate growth. The blog will be authored and moderated by Mike Myatt, Managing Director and Chief Strategy Officer at N2growth.

"The best business advice always comes from those who have been there. Mike Myatt draws from a wide scope of experience to write a high-quality daily commentary on par with the best of paid subscription newsletters. Truly a gem…" said Ray Alcorn a noted author, lecturer and N2growth client.

The N2 Blog will provide a one-stop-shop for executives and entrepreneurs looking for valuable, timely and sophisticated content on business topics related to corporate growth while still receiving witty opinions in an easy to read format. "There are any number of blogs on the Internet that address specific niches, but very few that address the broad cross section of topics that we will comment on… We wanted to try something a little different,” said Mike Myatt, Managing Director and Chief Strategy Officer at N2growth. The N2 Blog will contain sections providing in depth information on the following mission critical topics:

Branding & Corporate Identity;
Capital Formation;
Mediums & Markets;
Operations & Strategy;
Talent Management, and;

“For most professionals time is always at a premium and they are just too busy to surf several different sites in order to both receive and then aggregate the information and advice they need… The N2 Blog will deviate from what has become the norm of providing very brief (sometimes to the point of being almost useless) opinions and will offer more lengthy and detailed information than is currently available on most business blogs,” said Myatt.

To learn more about N2growth please visit www.N2growth.com or call 1-800-944-GoN2 (4662)


About N2growth
N2growth is a leading venture growth consultancy providing a unique array of professional services to high growth companies on a venture based business model. The rare combination of branding and corporate identity services, capital formation assistance, market research and business intelligence, sales and product engineering, leadership development and talent management, as well as marketing, advertising and public relations services make N2growth the industry leader in strategic growth consulting. More information about the company can be found at www.N2growth.com.
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