Sentrana Identifies Key Linkages Between Sales Force Productivity, Pricing, Product Mix and Territory Alignment

Sentrana Inc. announces the identification of key associations and linkages between the demand levers of sales force productivity, pricing, product mix and territorial alignment.

Washington, DC, July 01, 2008 --( Sentrana Inc., a Washington DC-based leader in solutions for excellence in scientific micromarketing, announced today the identification of key associations and linkages between the demand levers of sales force productivity, pricing, product mix and territorial alignment. Demand levers are the key tools that organizations have at their disposal to manage and influence their demand environments. One of the principal objectives of scientific micromarketing is to quantify the cross-relational influences each lever has on the others in the context of overall demand patterns. In today’s competitive markets these demand environments are highly complex, characterized by continual and unpredictable interactions between numerous variables where overall patterns can be difficult to discern. The Sentrana approach applies quantitative rigor and iterative modeling to identify and parse key associations and linkages.

Sid Mansur, Sentrana’s CEO explains the company’s latest linkage insights in this way: “In this particular case the objective on behalf of our client, a leading distribution company, was to configure the right people in the right territory with the right product. For this client we analyzed the performance of over 3000 sales reps according to the two measures of profit margin and total gross profit. We incorporated about 11 variables including number of customers, product categories and others. Ultimately we determined that the single key influencing variable was the number of products each sales rep had in his or her portfolio. Performance increased as the number of products increased, but hit a peak at about 200 products – after reaching that peak performance plateaued and then eventually receded.”

Through insights such as these Sentrana helped its client adjust target alignments between sales reps, the territories they covered and the likely optimal product mix and volume. Refining the predictive capabilities of these demand levers helped recalibrate further assumptions going into the pricing models – resulting in a more informed knowledge of the payoff odds of particular pricing recommendations.


Sentrana Inc., based in Washington, DC, is a pioneer in providing scientific micromarketing solutions to industry leaders in highly competitive markets. We provide end-to-end revenue optimization solutions by combining advanced quantitative methodologies with qualitative managerial inputs into our patented MarketMover™ platform. Our technology facilitates optimization of the marketing decisions at the individual transaction level that drive financial performance, allowing organizations to actively shape their demand environments. Our solutions enable our clients to make better pricing decisions, increase profitability, and unify disparate business units under a single revenue strategy.
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