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Men's Weekends at Hawkwind with John Lee, Tarwater and Others

In the Spring, Summer and Fall of 2009, John Lee will lead a series of three men’s only workshops at Hawkwind in Valley Head, Alabama. The weekends are limited to 30 men and will consist of talks, small group dynamics, storytelling, mythology, Q & A and a life-changing sweat lodge (for purification) led by Tarwater.

Mentone, AL, February 16, 2009 --( Men's Weekends at Hawkwind.

March 27-29 • July 24-26 • October 2-4

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Participants can now experience John Lee’s work in the beautiful and natural small group setting that Hawkwind offers. These weekends will help men take a deeper journey into the wounds, wonder, anger, grief and joy that comes from being a healthy man in the 21st Century.

Workshop participants can stay onsite at Hawkwind in rustic ac­commodations or there are plenty of B&B’s and hotels in the area for more comfortable lodging.

Workshops start at 6PM Friday and finish about 4PM Sunday. Please note Alabama is in Central Time.

Cost is $200 a month before each event, $250 after

The event will be held at:

549 Rock Ridge Rd
Valley Head, AL 35989

Contact Charla at (256) 635-6304 for more information or register online.

March 27-29, 2009
Beginning or Continuing the Journey Inward

Exploring and explaining the father-son and mother-son relationships and how they impact the development of all of men's relationships, masculinity, careers and the way men give love (or don’t) and receive love (or don’t) to the degree they long for.

*A deeper understanding of the male psyche and soul as it relates to the way men were fathered or not
*What shut men down in the first place
*What it takes to open back up.

July 24-26, 2009
Men and their Struggle with Intimacy

Men and their held in, repressed, bottled up or explosive anger can have very negative consequences if not expressed appropriately on a regular basis. Unexpressed anger turns into rage and chronic emotional tension which robs men of valuable energy, vitality, and health, and thus can lead to men not only hurting ourselves, but also those they love or work with.

This is a safe, supportive, non-shaming setting to do anger work and grief work (they go hand-in-hand), whether it is dealing with loss, death, divorce, disease or childhood trauma. Grieving is a key to healing.

October 2-4, 2009
Boys to Men to Elders: Understanding Emotional Regression & Passivity

This weekend they will explore and expand the term “regression”—the best kept secret in Psychology and Recovery and passivity—the compulsion to be attached to not having the things people say they really want and desire which keeps men living a half-lived life; half in and half out of relationships and not being able to commit to their own creativity.

During this down-to-earth, fast-paced workshop participants will:

*Learn why they regress and what to do about it
*Identify the red flags of regression
*Explore the five things that will grow them or others back up every time
*Examine the causes and pre-conditions for regression

About John Lee's Work with Men

John Lee, of John Lee Books and Seminars, is one of the early pioneers in the Men’s Movement and an internationally recognized leader in the fields of Masculine Psychology, Anger Management, Relationships and Recovery Lee is the author of 17 books, including the best-seller The Flying Boy: Healing the Wounded Man, a ground-breaking book that along with Robert Bly’s Iron John and Sam Keen’s Fire In the Belly gave voice, vision and direction for men’s ever-changing roles and issues. He has given 40-50 lectures and workshops nationally and internationally a year for 22 years and now lives in Mentone, Alabama only a few miles from Hawkwind.

For more information on John Lee or to register for the men's weekends, please visit his website at

John Lee Books and Seminars
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