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CARE Benefits from KWizCom's Innovative SharePoint Solutions

KWizCom granted CARE, a leading humanitarian organization, an open license of KWizCom add-ons for SharePoint. Nimrod Geva, KWizCom's VP Sales and Marketing says, "We are honored to support CARE's efforts to help others. KWizCom's goal was to free CARE to focus on the central issue – making the world a better place – rather than wasting precious time on administrative issues. We are glad to know that our add-ons are making CARE's important work that much easier."

Richmond Hill, Canada, February 17, 2009 --( In 2008 KWizCom gave CARE, a leading humanitarian organization, an open license of KWizCom add-ons for SharePoint. CARE has begun implementing a number of KWizCom's add-ons and CARE field office across the globe are already benefiting from their capabilities.

"CARE is an amazing organization", says Nimrod Geva, KWizCom's VP Sales and Marketing. "We are pleased to have the opportunity to support CARE. If our add-ons can help CARE continue to do what they do so well, help lighten CARE's workload, improve efficiency and effectiveness, then KWizCom has done a really good thing."

CARE was founded in 1945 to provide relief to survivors of World War II and quickly became a trusted vehicle for the compassion and generosity of millions. A leading humanitarian organization, CARE fights global poverty, placing special focus on working alongside poor women. CARE does so because, equipped with the proper resources, women have the power to help whole families and entire communities escape poverty. Women are at the heart of CARE's community-based efforts to improve basic education, prevent the spread of HIV, increase access to clean water and sanitation, expand economic opportunity and protect natural resources. CARE also delivers emergency aid to survivors of war and natural disasters, and helps people rebuild their lives.

CARE facilitates lasting change by strengthening capacity for self-help, providing economic opportunity, delivering relief in emergencies, influencing policy decisions at all levels and addressing discrimination in all its forms.

KWizCom strives to uphold people and organizations that work to help others and amongst these CARE is outstanding. Subsequently KWizCom decided to grant CARE the maximum support possible - an open, unlimited license for the KWizCom SharePoint add-ons of their choice.

CARE, already utilizing the powerful SharePoint infrastructure, studied KWizCom's add-ons and found many that would be beneficial.

CARE has field offices scattered across the globe thus tools that provide sharing and collaboration capabilities are vital. SharePoint is designed for team collaborative work. KWizCom's add-ons add capabilities and new levels of usability not included in the out of the box SharePoint.

To date CARE has implemented KWizCom's Dual Lookup Field (now called Cascading Lookup Field), Forum Web Part, Enterprise Taxonomy Management solution (Tagging Feature), WSS Cross Site Search and Rating Solution.

Greg Sjogren, Director of Business Solutions at CARE elaborates: "The tagging feature is really useful. Personnel in our different field offices can now share information with much greater ease. They can search for information intuitively via the keywords and utilize keywords to subscribe to alerts on subjects that interest them. This feature has escalated information accessibility. It saves us time and promotes knowledge sharing."

Another example of how CARE is benefiting from KWizCom's add-ons can be found in CARE's Sudan field office. CARE personnel implemented KWizCom's Rating Solution on a list of CARE Partners. Now when beginning a new project KWizCom personnel can check Partner ratings on their own, see their experience with the subject at hand and learn who it would be best to work with on that project. This is a very efficient way to begin a project, finding out exactly who to partner with, no guess-work involved, all the information a mouse click away, no need to bother colleagues with avoidable questions… This modest KWizCom feature saves time, streamlines workflow and improves over-all efficiency.

Greg Sjogren, Director of Business Solutions at CARE also commented positively on KWizCom's service, saying: "KWizCom's commitment to customer service enabled us to rapidly deploy our global collaboration solution and meet business needs very quickly."

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