Fishermen’s Lodge Opens to a Full House on New Year

Nainital, India, February 18, 2009 --( Already getting rave reviews from its high profile guests, this lovely 12 bed room lodge is an ideal getaway for families, couples and travelers taking a break from their hectic routine.

The very personalized Fishermen’s Lodge is getting noticed for the comfort and food that it offers as also the outdoor experiences that it provides.

Bunti Bakshi who owns and runs Fishermen’s Lodge believes “Vacations are an important time for everyone. Guests come to refuel before they go back to their duties. It’s our job to make sure they go back feeling good about the time they spent with us. In a sense it’s a big responsibility, so we pack their holiday with many little memorable experiences”.

Guest feedback endorses the effort, as one guest put it “Cold weather, warm sun, stone, wood and a fireplace...While the exteriors are all's the hospitality that blows you away...we felt like guests at an old friend's home... The small details are what did it for us...hand painted lamps...bright flowers...remote controls for bathroom water bottles with cheerful covers...and the honey roast chicken. It's a dream winter vacation...”

Bhimtal, Uttarakhand, Himalayas…

Fishermen’s Lodge provides hospitality that has no parallel in experiencing the Himalayan Mountains.

The guests have been charmed by this cozy lodge that is full of style, without compromising on the warmth, personalized service and outdoors experience.

Beginning with the web design ( which gives the user details of what the lodge has to offer, the philosophy of its owners, clarity on the tariff, best ways to get there and activities. Guest feedback and ratings are also covered by the website.

Outlook Traveller rated Fishermen’s Lodge one of ten destinations for the New Year, the link to the site is:

Guests have been more than generous in their praise; their comments are on the site specifically on:

They believe that website raises expectation, without over selling the lodge.

The website is designed to access the various links to media and online web pages that have commented on Fishermen’s lodge.

In particular the website has lovely pictures of this stylish, boutique like, exquisite and exclusive Lodge. Located on the lovely Bhimtal Lake, the lodge has a deck that glues you to it.

The outdoor activities offered by the lodge include fishing, leisurely treks, boating, cycling, star gazing, picnics by beautiful lakes and yoga under the trees in the forest. Each activity is well planned by the Fishermen’s Lodge staff to enhance the guests’ experience. Each experience is made unique by taking into account the guest’s specific needs relating to children and the elderly.

Young guests are given special attention by Samson (the fisherman trainer) to educate them on the type of casting, bait and rod that is required for the Bhimtal and Sattal lakes. They are then allowed to practice the sport.

Treks around Sattal are full of surprises, the spotting of the seven lakes while walking from one mountain forest to another never fails to delight. The forests around Sattal are untouched and are a discovery, the fascinating birds, sudden sighting of monkeys, the trees, wild flowers and the ever changing colours of the lakes depending on the time of day, the season and the mood.

Boating in Sattal is a revelation as it holds a completely different experience to that of the more crowded lakes. These placid lakes are calm and boating here is a great stress buster.

Teens that come to Fishermen’s Lodge and have missed out on learning cycling, living urban lives in crowded cities, go back having learnt cycling. For the older guests its nostalgia - cycling in the mountains and forests after years, they all tell stories of how they grew up riding a bike; their favourite thing to do.

Star gazing; guests say that the high point of their trip was the Star Gazing experience. Fishermen’s Lodge organizes this specially. Most of us have not seen such a star collection since the city lights diminish the brightness of the stars.

Fishermen’s Lodge promises many small and surprising experiences.

Fishermen’s Lodge and these experiences are waiting to welcome you. A must visit.

Conveniently located it is a six and a half hours drive from Delhi or an overnight train to Kathgodam station from Delhi and a 40 minute drive up to Fishermen’s Lodge.

The Fishermens Lodge
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