Stop the Dog Killing Fields - Oppose HB 0198

Illinois Rep. Fritchey has created a bill that will allow healthy, happy dogs to be murdered in seven days-no exceptions, if their owners have been ticketed for minor code violations. How does killing healthy, happy dogs help Illinois?

Chicago, IL, February 24, 2009 --( NICE says Illinois HB 0198, Chole's Bill will create a Canine Killing Field in Illinois.

The National Institute of Canine Experts believe that the proposed Illinois HB 0198, known as Chole's Bill will bring to an end the completely humane and responsible activity of dog breeding in the state of Illinois. Ami Moore, Director of NICE believes it is important for good breeders to continue breeding dogs. Each of these dogs come with unique traits that perform them perform certain jobs. She says that each dog bred comes with certain characteristics that are as valuable to human welfare and wellness as clean air, organic food and pure water.

If dog breeding is stopped in its present form, our lifestyles in Illinois will be negatively affected because the food supply chain is going to be affected. These purebred dogs help us raise healthy pigs, chickens and cows in a humane manner all of which will come to an end after Illinois HB 0198 or Chloe’s Bill is passed. For example, the farmers and ranches need to have access to dogs that help them take care of their stock. If they are denied their right to purebred dogs with special skills, they will be forced out of their business-food at our local stores will become extremely expensive.

NICE emphasizes that dog breeding is not about building genetically superior dogs, it's all about breeding dogs that have certain special traits that help them perform certain jobs while avoiding genetic problems (using health tests and tracking the bloodlines) at the same time. The bill for example, requires dogs to be kept in cages and strict sanitation rules would also apply-laws that are so strict most veterinarians could not met them.

This law would prevent the puppies from being socialized properly which could increase a dog’s future aggressiveness. According to Ami Moore, many of the breeders keep the animals in their homes as pets, which is even better. But after the bill is passed, they would need to keep the dogs outside, like livestock in harsh cages. Even the proper socialization of the puppies with the rest of the pack would not be possible any more under these new laws, says Ami Moore.

The most disturbing effect on our lives if HB 0198 passed is that if a breeder had a minor infraction, say rust on a kennel, under this law, all of her dogs could be confiscated and if the infractions were not fixed within seven days the dogs would all have to be killed by a vet. This is a bill that is bad for dogs, bad for people and bad for Illinois. Join the National Institute of Canine Professionals, membership is free, and help us prevent Rep. Fritchey from starting a canine “killing field” in Illinois. Please call or fax Rep. Fritchey and tell him to oppose HB 0198.

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