PodSat.Net Will Broadcast Podcasts to N. America on FTA Satellite Radio

The Podcast Satellite Network is set to make history as the first and only network broadcasting an all-podcast format to satellite radio listeners. PodSat.Net, the Podcast Satellite Network web site, is now in its pre-launch phase and will launch the one-of-a-kind Podcast Satellite Network (PSN) in August, 2006.

Austin, TX, July 06, 2006 --(PR.com)-- The Podcast Satellite Network is making history, being the first and only network broadcasting an all-podcast format to satellite radio listeners. PodSat.Net is set to launch the one-of-a-kind Podcast Satellite Network (PSN) in August, 2006. The Network has been created to uniquely serve the needs of podcasters looking for exposure to a significant second audience. PSN plans to meet that need by broadcasting its all-podcast lineup to all of North America via free to air (FTA) satellite radio. 

During the pre-launch phase now underway FTA satellite radio airtime is being offered by PSN to podcasters at a low promotional rate. PodSat.Net General Manager, Michael McBride, commented on this PSN promotion: "The whole idea is to provide simple and affordable access by podcasters to the gigantic broadcast footprint of FTA satellite radio. Our research suggests that the FTA satellite radio audience will love the podcast content, opening up a significant new second audience to our podcasters. Because we offer a digital FTA satellite signal, local AM and FM stations may also freely rebroadcast our satellite feed, expanding our listening audience to yet another market level beyond FTA satellite listeners. Our low promotional rate will allow virtually all podcasters who desire to do so to share in this unlimited audience potential - at least until we fill up our broadcasting schedule." 

FTA satellite radio is much less well known than subscription satellite radio, such as Sirius or XM, but is now growing in popularity. FTA offers both radio and TV digital broadcasts. It is called Free To Air because listeners in North America may access FTA programming legally at no cost. Listening requires the use of a Ku band satellite setup that can sell for less than $150 with no subscription fees following, making FTA programming attractive to a growing number of consumers. 

McBribe explains how PodSat.Net sees the connection between the FTA audience and podcasters: "FTA is to subscription satellite what a simple internet connection is to AOL or what Open Source is to Microsoft - or what podcasting is to traditional professional radio, for that matter. The FTA satellite audience as a group, and podcasters as a group, have both made an end-run around the system to innovate a significant new use of available technology for themselves. This tells us that many FTA listeners are the same sort of reality-based innovative folks as podcasters. For this reason we see the Podcast Satellite Network as striking the perfect match in bringing these two groups together." 

PSN will begin broadcasting in August, 2006 and is now accepting podcasts at PodSat.Net to fill up its broadcast schedule. 

For additional information contact PodSat.Net General Manager, Michael McBride or visit www.PodSat.Net. 

About The Podcast Satellite Network: 

The Podcast Satellite Network has been established by a private group of FTA satellite radio broadcasters to give podcasters easy and affordable access to the growing FTA satellite radio audience. 


Michael McBride, General Manager
The Podcast Satellite Network

The Podcast Satellite Network
Michael McBride