Can Christian Meditation Benefit Christians?

Christian meditation can restore peace of mind, provide relaxation, eliminate anxiety and negative thoughts, and increase faith in God.

Cedar Hill, TX, July 08, 2006 --( Meditation has been practiced all over the world for 100s of years. Yet, in the U.S. the term meditation still holds certain taboos because of its association with eastern religions. Although Christians in Europe and neighboring countries embrace Christian meditation as an integral part of their Christian walk, to many U.S. Christians, the concept of Christian Meditation is often misunderstood.

Fortunately, the popularity of Christian Meditation continues to rise. Defined correctly, Christian Meditation is just a tool used to quiet the mind. The benefits of Christian Meditation include overcoming negative thoughts, finding balance in life, deepening relationship with God, and restoring peace of mind.

The scriptures encourage Christians to meditate; unfortunately, today's busy Christians often fail to find time to just abide in God's presence. Christians desire a more intimate walk with Christ, but get so caught up in the affairs of life that spending time alone with God is often forfeited.

Christian Meditation Cds, created by Rhonda Jones, provide a tool for believers to "be still and know...God." The Christian Meditations complement any daily devotional time with God. The guided meditation Cds are available in 4 volumes, containing 8 biblically-based guided Christian Meditations in a variety of topics many believers struggle with daily. Each guided Christian Meditation includes two meditations, an invitation to salvation, and meditation music. Learn more about the CDs and Christian Meditation by visiting

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