Grandmother and Granddaughter Collaborate on New Children’s Book

Playa Vista, CA, February 28, 2009 --( Outskirts Press author Michele Hauser has a very special bond with Karina Nance, her illustrator. The nine-year-old artist happens to be Hauser’s granddaughter, and together “Grammy” and Karina have produced a delightful chapter book for elementary school children called The Crystal Palace – Rescue of the Baby Fairy Prince.

Karina’s charming, childlike illustrations are very appealing. They add an authentic touch to the story, and Karina and Michele hope that by showcasing original art, their book will encourage young readers to express themselves creatively as well. Karina is already bubbling with ideas for the sequel, Hauser says. She and Karina plan to make special presentations at various elementary schools in Illinois and California, with interactive writing/illustrating workshops for children in the audience.

The Crystal Palace is a magical adventure featuring Hauser’s granddaughter and her friends. Karina’s bedroom at her grandmother’s house is filled with crystals, and it is here that the inspiration for The Crystal Palace was born. It tells the story of Karina and her friends, who are having a sleepover at Grammy’s house. Earlier in the day, Karina had rescued a little boy from a swimming pool, and now she and her friends are too wound up from the excitement to sleep.

Suddenly, there was a POP! And a light shone up to the ceiling, like a spotlight. As the sparkles began falling back toward the bed, they swirled around again until Karina, Katie, and Emily Jean could see a tiny little person…a fairy, standing on the bedpost crystal. The light grew dimmer, then vanished; the girls just stared in shock. No one said a word.

The tiny fairy is Angela, Grammy’s childhood tooth fairy. Angela has heard of Karina’s brave rescue and has come to bring the girls to Fairyland to help rescue a baby fairy, Prince Jeremy. With a little coaxing (and a bit of magic shrinking), the girls are transported to Crystalopolis, the capital of Fairyland, and from there it’s a dangerous and exciting quest, filled with royal fairies, leprechauns, and sea serpents.

After they have successfully returned little Prince Jeremy to his parents, the girls are delivered safely back to Karina’s room and left to fall asleep in the bedroom filled with crystals. The next morning, the whole adventure seems unreal. When Grammy comes in to greet the girls, Karina hesitantly asks if she remembers her tooth fairy’s name. When Grammy answers, “Sure! Her name was Angela,” the girls look at each other in amazement. Maybe, just maybe, it hadn’t been a dream after all!

ISBN: 978-1-4327-1157-3 Format: 5 x 8 paperback SRP: $9.95
Genre: Children

About the Author: Michele Hauser taught elementary and middle school for thirty years. She is a UCLA Writing Project Fellow and holds a Master of Arts degree in Education, with an emphasis on Reading and Writing. She and her husband, Steve, have two sons and six grandchildren. For more information or to contact the author, visit

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