Breaking the Time Barrier: Inventor Introduces a Revolution in Software Design

Denver, CO, February 28, 2009 --( If efficiency and effectiveness are key words in your business, then change your paradigm about software engineering and put time on your side. Inventor and programming expert Gordon E. Morrison has simplified software development for advanced engineers. Breaking the Time Barrier, his new book published through Outskirts Press, explains how he uses a temporal approach to logic that separates control-flow from data-flow and eliminates the nightmare of “spaghetti code”.

Using a straightforward approach to the specification and diagrams, Morrison shows how complex applications are simpler with COSA. When architecture takes a temporal approach it results in more efficient logic. Morrison developed COSA to bring a new level of discipline to software development by relying more on mathematical rigor and less on traditional programming languages such as Java and C++. The focus is on logic, which results in reduced complexity and improved quality.

“This technique is so powerful and adaptive that it has the potential to develop into a complete, model-driven architecture and holds the possibility of eliminating programmers as we know them,” says Dr. Aynur Unal, an electronics executive in Silicon Valley. “Gordon’s work represents a very generalized way of writing programs that could be very useful in software engineering.”

Breaking the Time Barrier explains how changing the architectural paradigm affects the way specifications are created. This change results in simpler diagrams, which in turn decreases the size and increases the performance for most applications. The book is full of complete programming examples with clear, concise instructions—it’s sure to be one of a software engineer’s most referenced texts. Senior developers will learn how to produce higher quality software with reduced complexity, and employers can produce more competitive products at a reduced cost.

ISBN: 978-1-4327-3215-8 Format: 7.5 x 9.25 paperback SRP: $40.00
Genre: Computer Architecture / General

About the Author: Gordon E. Morrison is an inventor and a consultant who has developed real-time weather radar systems, extensive database systems, high-performance communication systems, and micro-code for animation. He also invented the technology known today as multi-core and hyper-threading technology. Gordon’s primary interest is in improving the quality of software by reducing program size and complexity. For more information or to contact the author, visit or visit


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