Travelrobe Explains Why Dominica was a Haven to Pirates in the Caribbean

There is no doubt why Gore Verbinski would have chosen Dominica as the back drop for the movie Pirates of the Caribbean 2 - starring Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley, Orlando Bloom and Bill Nighy.

Norbury, United Kingdom, July 08, 2006 --( Lying halfway between Guadeloupe and Martinique, Dominica's appeal has nothing to do with fabulous beaches what few that exist are paltry or idle days spent under a palm tree. Rather, its abundant nature invites rigorous hiking to deep emerald pools, waterfalls and bubbling lakes.

Travelrobe’s managing director Mark Felix said in a statement, that "the first thing you'll notice about Dominica is how intensely green the island is" and visiting Dominica on two occasions, his best memory was meeting the Caribs.

Volcanic arches and caves busy with stingrays, barracuda and parrotfish makes for one of the Caribbean's best diving environments, while whales and dolphins often play off the southern coast, near Champagne, its a unique effervescent bay and those Pirates new Dominica was not any port in a storm.

Despite all that Dominica has to offer to eco-tourism, it's still vastly under visited, in no small part because it's not easy to reach. There are no direct flights from the US or Europe, and ferries from surrounding islands don't stop daily.

To reach Dominica you must first fly to Antigua, Barbados, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Puerto Rico, St Lucia or St Martin/St Maarten and catch a connecting flight from there. Airlines that fly to the island include American Eagle, Air Guadeloupe, Caribbean Star and LIAT. Flights arrive from Antigua four times daily, and from Guadeloupe and St Lucia twice daily. Booking information can be found at

For the more adventurous traveler here are a few things to do while in Dominica

Titou Gorge - Swim against the cold current to reach the warm waters of the hidden waterfall.

Indian River - Take a colorful slow boat ride upstream into Dominica's swampy interior

Roseau - Dominica's capital may be one of the Caribbean's poorest, but it's also among its most atmospheric, great place to visit.

Scotts Head - Watch the migrating whales in the waters around this picturesque southern village

Carib Territory - Carib traditions survive in the homeland of the region's remaining Carib Indians, meet the Caribs of Dominica.

Boiling Lake - Hike inland past the eerie Valley of Desolation to reach the perimeter of this natural cauldron.

Dominica's best hiking trails are found in the magnificent 16,000-acre Morne Trois Pitons National Park, which spreads over the island's southern region and rises to the 4550ft Morne Trois Pitons, packed with primordial rainforest and sparse elfin woodland and broken up by volcanic fumeroles and piping hot springs.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site is an astonishing wilderness likely to surpass any you'll find in the Caribbean.

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