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New Cost Saving Innovation: KWizCom Announces CRM Internet Gateway

KWizCom Corporation, known for its innovative add-ons for Microsoft SharePoint also creates exceptional add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. KWizCom's CRM Internet Gateway is one more, out of a long list of innovative, cost saving applications that is already enhancing usability and improving productivity for organizations around the world.

Richmond Hill, Canada, March 14, 2009 --( KWizCom's innovative CRM Internet Gateway revolutionizes Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The CRM Internet Gateway (CIG) an add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM designed and developed by KWizCom Corporation.

CIG brings with it many concrete business benefits including saving employee work time, eliminating the potential for human error in data entry, preserving data within the organization, enhancing usability and bringing greater productivity to organizations utilizing the CIG enhanced Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Implementing a CRM in an organization necessitates a major investment of both finances and time (which is also money). The technical elements of the system are put in place and then workers are trained in using it and making it part of their day to day workflow. At some point in the midst of this process users come up against a veritable brick wall. Suddenly the realization dawns: the CRM that so much was invested in is a stand-alone entity. Input is received from users, meaning that they are responsible for the upkeep of the database and utilizing the information in it.

The CRM Internet Gateway enables easy integration between web site forms (or any other web system) and Microsoft CRM 4.0. It is now possible to easily link multiple web forms to Dynamics CRM, automatically create any type of CRM entity (case, lead, customer etc.) and run workflow rules in Dynamics CRM.

Organizations can now link their corporate website to the CRM so that, for example, when potential clients fill out an enquiry via the website their "contact us" form is not, as is the standard, submitted to a general "info@" email inbox but instead automatically becomes a CRM entity. The data submitted by the potential client automatically populates the correct fields in the CRM and becomes, for example a "New Lead". KWizCom's application opens the gate for information to flow from the internet to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and automatically become part of the corporate workflow.

KWizCom's CRM Internet Gateway dramatically reduces the need for data entry - a task that takes large portions of employee work time, is made invalid by human error (accidently hit the wrong key when entering an email address and the mail will not be received!). CRM Internet Gateway frees employees to focus on higher level tasks, eliminates the potential for human error and preserves information in the organization.

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