Sunset Connect Announces Its First New Signing at the Digital Record Label with the Signing of Spatial Unity

New York, NY, March 17, 2009 --( Spatial Unity from the United Kingdom becomes the first Sunset Connect signing at the label. Spatial Unity’s forthcoming album is set up for release early this May and will be available at every major online digital download retail outlet in the world. The “Knock Me Off My feet” physical CD to be released by the pop act will also be made available at Amazon, Target and at the Sunset Music Store for sale to consumers all over the world.

Sunset Connect begins to set up its first new release with the Spatial Unity CD with a brand new video for the first single, “Dreams Come True” to be worked at FUSE, MTV and the music video will be able to view at all the major the online video outlets like You Tube and The first single and a few of the songs off the “Knock Me Off My Feet” CD will be serviced through DMDS, a radio promotion company that works music to top stations tracked by BDS / Nielsen, R&R and all of this done electronically at Sunset. CD reviews for press outlets are also being worked electronically without any physical product through the Billboard Media Wire, Mi2n, New Music Weekly, and with iContact where Sunset uses its own media contact list. And, these songs from the debut CD were submitted to the Music Network, Rumblefish, Pump Audio and many licensing companies for requests that came in this week for the need of new pop songs.

Sunset Connect is Don Lichterman’s digital only record label at Sunset Records. “We have gone through a restructuring at the company in the last half year,” says Lichterman. “This is the first time since I started Sunset where I feel that we have total control to carry out my vision in the digital division.” The Sunset label head also transferred some of its signed artists at the label group, to the Sunset Connect label. “Honestly, this is basically day one in my eyes and this is the first act we are working through my system at Sunset Connect. And, yes, we have a great basis at Sunset Connect. We have to, however, begin to let things speak for itself so to speak, and that will take generating some hits over the next few years through a system like we have at Sunset Connect. Labels like Sunset Connect must actually break new music into the greater marketplace by working music this exact way for this to be a viable type of record label,” says Lichterman about his first releases at Sunset Connect.

About Sunset Connect
Sunset is a privately owned Don Lichterman Company. Sunset is one of the leading independent record labels and entertainment companies in the world. The Sunset Group of Entertainment Companies, and its global operation, acquire, develop, and distribute major music recording artists, home visual entertainment products, online-digital entertainment technologies and music and filmed entertainment worldwide. Sunset's four major divisions are the Sunset Distributed Label Group, the Sunset Strategic Marketing and Licensing Division, the Radio Sunset Network and the Sunset Filmed Entertainment Division.

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