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While the age of cheap air travel for all has opened up Europe to many people, it comes at the price. Barcelona Travelogue shows how to avoid the city's tourist traps and find the real city lurking underneath.

Barcelona, Spain, March 19, 2009 --( Travel guides are all very well, but often they come up short when it comes to getting under the skin of a city and finding out what makes it, and its inhabitants tick. While meeting other tourists while on a trip can be a rewarding experience, there is nothing quite like visiting somewhere new and getting away from all the other visitors while taking a peek into the life that exists behind the tourist facade.

Barcelona is one of the most visited destinations in Europe, famous for the amazing Gaudi architecture and the Ramblas, among many other things. However, much of the centre of the city is overwhelmed by tourists, including groups on stag and hen weekends dressed in Mexican hats and loaded up with cheap beer making a nuisance of themselves to locals and other tourists alike - it was this type of tourism that made the city council react and introduce bylaws prohibiting the consumption of alcohol in certain locations and clamping down on anti-social behaviour.

While the shops promoting these products are certainly partly to blame, why is it that these people know nothing of Catalan culture?

That's where comes in, providing real advice for people wanting to get away from the downside of mass tourism but looking to enjoy genuine Barcelona life. Why eat in an overpriced, substandard restaurant on the Ramblas when there are hundreds of genuine restaurants serving authentic Catalan food, for example? While some of the restaurants mentioned in this online guide are certainly on the tourist radar, many are far from it and it is rare to find anyone but a local eating there.

To find out more about Barcelona from a genuine, local point of view visit Barcelona Travelogue, with tips, travel advice and hotel recommendations that will really make your trip.

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