Home Based Call Centre Improves Operations in Seven Days - IPscape SaaS Technology Implemented Across Australia

Sydney, Australia, March 19, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Home Based Call Centre (HBCC) has improved operations and streamlined its growing agent-at-home business with the recent implementation of IPscape's software-as-a-service call centre solution.

The IPscape solution has simplified operations, improved agent productivity and enabled cost-effective scalability for the Brisbane-based business.

Established two years ago, HBCC is the brain child of Matthew Saunders, a 15 year call centre veteran working with household brand names like Qantas, Telstra, Westpac, Salvation Army, News Corporation, Fosters, Fonezone and BigPond.

'We have home-based agents all across Australia,' said Saunders, CEO of HBCC. 'Working from home means agents are more comfortable, less stressed and the commute time can't be beaten. That translates into happy, productive agents.

'The downside is the higher management and monitoring requirements. We also needed to be confident that as we grew our costs didn't become ridiculous.'

Prior to implementing the IPscape solution, HBCC agents used their home telephone with a manually distributed call list that was updated with call results and returned at the end of the day or shift. Each agent also had to be reimbursed for the calls made prompting more manual processing.

'Strange as it sounds, it actually was a struggle to find a flexible, scalable system with all the clever functionality that didn't involve a big upfront investment and spiralling costs if our growth plans succeeded,' stated Saunders.

'We knew we needed an excellent technology infrastructure as the foundation for our home based business plans and had an aggressive rollout timetable; but we didn't want to sacrifice functionality for speed. Previous call centre platforms took months to rollout effectively - IPscape delivered it all in a matter of days,' continued Saunders.

The IPscape solution is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering that bundles software and telco into a single pay-as-you-use cost. Calls are billed per second and are standardised across Australia allowing a home based agent in Brisbane to call a customer in Fremantle as cost effectively as an agent in Perth.

'The cost structure allows simple agent allocation to campaigns from an Australian-wide resource pool and to better manage cash flow,' said Saunders.

The new solution allows HBCC to self-manage new campaign setup including loading lists and scripts. Coupled with the fast one week implementation and training rollout, the speed and flexibility of the hosted call centre model has made Saunders a convert.

'Having spent time in large call centre operations where anything technical takes months, I was blown away at how easily and quickly we moved from setup and training to our first campaign,' stated Saunders. 'I am now unbelievably confident in hosted over capex.'

But it wasn't all smooth sailing. Remote control software had to be used to standardise the voice setup on each agent's computer to overcome varying levels of agent computer literacy. Agents were initially wary of the new system but once 'they had the hang of it' appreciated the easy to use interface and the reduction in manual paperwork.

'Our home-based agents find it easy to use and we have fantastic live insight into operations, quality assurance and agent monitoring. Simple, clever and fast is what our business requires - IPscape delivers this and more,' concluded Saunders.


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