Luxury Travel Vietnam Announces Bespoke Tours to Indochina Within 12 Hours

Hanoi, Vietnam, March 21, 2009 --( The LUXury Travel company to launch bespoke and completely personalized tours to Indochina for luxury guests within 12 hours.

Luxury Travel Co., Ltd. is a 100% fully registered and privately-owned Vietnamese company. It was founded by luxury travel specialists since the 1990s when Vietnam had just opened its doors to worldwide tourism. The company to launch bespoke and completely personalized tours to Indochina for luxury guests with 12 hours.

Vietnam is a tropical paradise of charming people, heavenly beaches, brilliant green rice paddies and lush emerald rainforests.

Like the rest of Indochina (including Laos and Cambodia), Vietnam is a former French colony and has been independent since 1954. It still retains a strong French cultural influence, with wide boulevards, magnificent Belle Époque architecture, fresh baguettes sold on every corner, and good espresso and fine Bordeaux widely available.

Unlike Laos and Cambodia, where the people have more in common with India, the Vietnamese are much closer culturally to China, with Confucian ethics valuing age, education and hard work.

The Vietnam War has long since been forgotten, and the people are exceedingly warm and hospitable in this nominally communist country which is an absolute delight to visit.

Luxury Travel Vietnam immerses guest in Vietnamese culture by providing insider access to private events and extraordinary people.

Luxury Travel’s journeys introduce upscale travelers to a multi-faceted selection of remarkable people, from government leaders and top businessmen to remote villagers and fishermen.

Travelers get their interactions with these people will be stimulating, edifying and enlightening, and travelers will have a well-rounded and profound learning experience that they will value forever.

All travel is bespoke and completely personalized for luxury guests. Luxury Travel commits to create the perfect luxury experience for their own highly discerning needs and desires.

This Vietnam’s first luxury tour company and full travel service agency is experienced in providing special services and unique tourism products to luxury global travelers.

The company's depth of experience and large infrastructure enable it to create unique itineraries with the operational confidence to fulfill client expectations. Among Luxury Travel’s clients are ambassadors, senators, ministers, Deputy Prime Minister.

Luxury Travel ( has won numerous travel awards. Luxury Travel is headquartered in Hanoi and has offices around Vietnam and management offices in all over South East Asia.

Luxury Travel Vietnam Company Limited
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