ThumbPeople Adds Words of Blessing to It’s Affirmation CD Series

Burnsville, MN, March 22, 2009 --( ThumbPeople has added a Words of Blessing affirmation CD to its soaking CD series which includes Words of Love, Words of Encouragement, Words of Healing and now, Words of Blessing.

ThumbPeople soaking CD’s are based on the philosophy that positive, uplifting words have the ability to increase an individual’s self worth, promote a sense of peace and strengthen one’s ability to overcome adversity. The term “soaking” music refers to music that encourages soaking in God’s presence.

Acknowledged for developing self worth within children, ThumbPeople has created the children’s Thumbuddy book series, children’s music and Thumbuddy Club preschool curriculum. The thumbprint character, Thumbuddy, encourages children to embrace their uniqueness, stand out and leave their one-of-a-kind imprint in the world. The Thumbuddy character communicates the message that just like your thumb leaves a one-of-a-kind thumbprint, your life leaves a one-of-a-kind imprint in the world. And just as your thumb stands out from your fingers, you were meant to stand out and live an outstanding life.

ThumbPeople author and founder, Mark Arens, says “ThumbPeople is built on the principle that words have the power to build-up and heal or tear-down and destroy. ThumbPeople books and CD’s are designed to use positive, affirming words to encourage individuals to see themselves as unique miracles, destined to live outstanding lives.”

ThumbPeople, Inc., founded by author, Mark Arens, is a Minnesota based company located in the Twin Cities that produces children’s literature through the Thumbuddy book series. ThumbPeople, Inc. also produces nurturing music for children and adults. They have been recognized for their efforts in positive youth development in building self-confidence in children. ThumbPeople, Inc. produces Thumbuddy Club, a children’s preschool curriculum with a positive message geared for both the secular and Christian environments and provides training opportunities through public speaking and teleconference events.

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