Author’s Life-Changing Experiences with Horses Attract International Visitors for Exclusive Workshops on “Understanding the Infinite”

Remarkable setting and four award-winning books in three years introduce the message of horses as spiritual equals, teachers, and healers on Gateway 2 Ranch Life Changing Retreats.

Kamloops, B.C., Canada, March 25, 2009 --( Imagine a land where love is the guiding principle, one’s connection to Earth is the ultimate goal, and miracles are commonplace. Imagine spontaneous healings, higher consciousness, and a clear understanding of one’s life
journey as natural occurrences.

Come experience Gateway 2 Ranch in British Columbia, Canada, home to crystals, vortexes, and natural flora and fauna as well as author Liz Mitten Ryan, her husband, and their fifteen horses. In this pristine setting, all things properly align for the highest earthly vision human beings can possibly experience.

Here, the free roaming herd shares the barn/house with Liz and Kevin. Born to this paradise, the horses are loved and treated as family. Indeed, the animals of Gateway 2 Ranch have co-authored Liz’s four award-winning books. As a result, visitors come from around the world to seek the healing connection with higher consciousness this land and the animals facilitate.

Equines are resurfacing everywhere as teachers and healers. When we connect heart and mind with a horse, a powerful new relationship is brought to light. In the pristine grassland, lakes, and forests of Gateway 2, the horses interact at liberty, share their healing gifts and teach the subjects of truth and intuitive connection.

Five exclusive workshops this summer will offer individual attention to eight participants per session. This all-inclusive experience in “Understanding the Infinite” will illuminate your life and personal journey forever. Facilities at Gateway 2 Ranch include a native spirit lodge and spirit quest wall tents.

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Liz Mitten Ryan - One with the Herd
Carol Upton