Lil Dynomite Ready to Embark on a Summer Filled with Festival Concerts

Sunset Urban recording artist sets up a summer of live shows at popular east coast festivals in support of her new Blowin Up The Mic CD due to hit stores on April 28.

New York, NY, March 26, 2009 --( The Maine-based Female MC hip-hop artist, Lil Dynomite has been busy recording her new CD and getting ready to play live all summer in support of that new release. Fresh out of the studio which began sessions last year, she finished up her first CD for Sunset Urban Records this month. Her Blowin Up The Mic Tour has her playing at major music festivals in the northeast and in Maine and speaking of young women that have great empowerment, Lil Dynomite took over the hip-hop scene by performing many times in 2008, (Lil) Dynomite is not even close to slowing her concert schedule down this year.

The head of the Sunset Urban label, Don Lichterman said in a press release that she is now rehearsing every day and preparing for a run of shows that start in late May at the memorial weekend Peace Jam festival, and will not stop until the very special September 11th Music Festival in Harmony, Maine and then ending at this year’s Harvest Music Festival. While playing live to this broad of an audience, Lil Dynomite can not only show her talents as one of the today’s’ best MCs and hip-hop rappers, this is a great opportunity to mix art and music.

Her debut album, Blowing Up The Mic is produced by Blackwell and is due to be in stores on April 28th. She was last heard on the Sunset Urban and Blackwell Heartbreak CD. As the first female hip-hop and rap style artist at Sunset Urban and with the new LP produced by Blackwell, Lil Dynomite is posed to help reinvent the hip-hop music scene and plans to bring all of her young fans along for the ride all summer long.

Tour dates:
5/22/2009 - 5/24/2009 - Peace Jam Festival, Harmony, ME
7/16/2009 - 7/19/2009 - Sommerset County Jam Music Festival, Harmony, ME
8/1/2009 - 8/3/2009 - Beltek, Belmont, ME
8/14/2009 - 8/16/2009 - Be Here Now Festival, Starks, ME
8/20/2009 - 8/23/2009 - Hempstock, Harmony, ME
9/11/2009 - 9/13/2009 - We Be Jammin', Harmony, ME
10/1/2009 - 10/4/2009 - Harvest Festival, Maine

For more information about any of these scheduled live shows, visit the LilDynomite artist web site at Sunset Urban for a detailed map to every concert.

To book interviews, appearances or to book any night shows during the festival season, contact Don Lichterman at the New York office.

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