The Life and Regrets of an International Ambassador

In a recent interview country western singer George Hamilton IV reveals his life and regrets.

London, United Kingdom, March 27, 2009 --( He was a teen idol in the 1950’s. In 1960 he had a gold record with his hit “A Rose and a Baby Ruth.” He is most known for “Abilene” which made Number 1 in the charts for four weeks. He recently sang a newer tongue-in-cheek rendition of it called “Gasoline”. After riding the rails of his popularity in the 1970’s George began touring places like Russia, Australia and the Middle East. He is quite often called “The International Ambassador of Country Music” and is one of the longest standing members of the prestigious “Grand Ole Opry” in Nashville, Tennessee (U.S.A.). He has also appeared in the film “Your Cheatin’ Heart” (portraying Hank Williams) and played himself in the stage production of “Patsy”, about the life of Patsy Cline.

Spending so much time away from home George Hamilton IV recently reflected on choices he’s made in his life. He, quite often, tours with his son George was recently in the U. K. for a concert tour and was interviewed for a new TV series called “Principles of Praise” to be aired later this year on a network of over 15 Christian TV networks from Russia to the Middle East, Canada to Turkey. George said that “when our sons and our daughter were very young they needed me there but I was mostly gone because I was so caught up in my career.” He continued, “At that time I was a Christian but not a cross-carrying Christian. I was away. Anytime my booking agent could find a lucrative tour I was gone.” On reflecting the country western singer said “George V, who is now a singer / songwriter, said something very poignant to me. The first time we toured together he said “Dad, this is the baseball we never tossed.” I said “What?”. He answered “Don’t you remember when I was a kid and wanted to play ball with my Dad you were never there. Now I’m catching up. When I sing a verse of a song, then you sing a verse it’s like tossing a ball in the back yard.” With sadness and tears reflecting in his eyes George continued “It was quite moving for me and also very revealing”.

Produced by a UK charity - Harvest Fields Commissioning International and its media production arm, OLI Productions, other guests in the series include singer songwriters Graham Kendrick, Chris Bowater, Dave Bilbrough, Noel Richards, Lou Fellingham and Phatfish, Karen Lafferty and others.

A companion series “Principles of Leadership” is currently being broadcast on 15 Christian and independent television networks around the world including SAT 7 (the Middle East), CNL (Russia and worldwide), Gospel Channel (Scandinavia), The Australian Christian Channel, the Alfa and Omega Network (Romania and worldwide), Premier TV (U.K.), Shine TV (New Zealand), U Channel (Indonesia), the Family 7 Network (Holland) The Miracle Channel (Canada) and IFBN (Israel).

Harvest Fields Commissioning International is a U. K. Registered Charity with the purpose of assisting in raising up and encouraging churches and leaders in over 45 countries and on all 5 continents for work in churches, charities and other humanitarian assistance groups. Its websites are at: and .

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