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F1 Systems Resource, Inc. ( is offering free licenses of TheQuizShow beta 2 in hosted and deployed options. TheQuizShow enterprise testing and survey solution ( beta participates will only pay maintenance of 20% of the actual license cost.

Atlanta, GA, July 19, 2006 --( F1 Systems Resource, Inc. ( is offering free licenses of TheQuizShow beta 2 to a select number of organizations (Corporate 1000, government and education). The licenses offer both hosted and deployed options. TheQuizShow ( license fees can range between $20,000-180,000. Participating organizations would only pay the prescribed maintenance. Maintenance represents 20% of the license cost. F1 has also substantially discounted professional services for participating organizations. Professional services include integrations services, training, design and other consulting. This is a huge opportunity for organizations wanting to add world-class assessment functionality to their organizational performance toolset. 

About TheQuizShow
TheQuizShow delivers a powerful set of components, designed to address a broad range of assessment needs. Tests, surveys, 360 reviews and polls can be easily deployed to support performance, educational, marketing, business intelligence, or research requirements. Technically speaking, TheQuizShow integrates a powerful combination of database, Web and XML technologies into its open, scalable standards-based platform. TheQuizShow enable users to simply create feature-rich multi-media assessments and deploy with powerful administrative options. 

• Question partners, customer or employees with ease, using state of the art authoring, administration and analysis.
• Effortlessly author engaging feature-rich Flash or XHTML assessments from a single source.
• Unmatched assessment delivery and administration features including fully SCORM 2004 compliant Assessment Engine.
• Performance advantages of leading technology and standards: J2EE, Flash, XML, SQL, and XHTML. 

The clarity of TheQuizShow’s interface design and logical workflow succeeds in flattening its learning curve. The combination of power and ease of use only serves to boost the product’s enterprise reach and performance. Additional features:

• Author assessment in a collaborative environment
• Supports Instructional Systems Design (ISD) methods
• Non-techies, rejoice! WYSIWYG assessment-authoring tool of choice.
• Techies, rejoice! You can also customize your source.
• Gamming and other engaging frameworks available
• Import, edit and manage images, audio, and video 

• Flexible delivery options: LMS, Web, email, etc.
• Flexible assignment methods: Simple Query and Data sampling
• Supports separate organizations in a single deployment
• Site Skinning for each organizations (marketing, HR, customers, etc.)
• Real-time user chat support – iProctor®
• Features secure or anonymous access and content security 

• Flexible output options: HTML, PDF, Excel, XML, delimited text
• Automate scheduled delivery of assessments
• Deploy real-time reporting, including dashboards
• Access self-service and ad hoc reporting with zero training 

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About F1 Systems Resource, Inc.
F1 Systems Resource, Inc. ( provides instructional and information design technology tools and consulting for Fortune 1000 companies, government and education institutions. F1 developed TheQuizShow for organizations that want to arm themselves with information about what their customers, employees and partners, know, want, think and feel.

F1 Systems Resource, Inc.
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