The Dot Connector Magazine Launch

Llangollen, United Kingdom, March 28, 2009 --( Keystone Truth Publishing announces the third issue of its new magazine 'The Dot Connector' and it's associated subscription.

The Dot Connector magazine is a joint international venture aimed at the massively growing 'Truth' market.

Featuring a wide range of in depth articles covering a breadth of topics including Conspiracies, Natural Health and Nutrition, Supressed Technology, Political Control and Manipulation including Hidden Agendas, The Ecological and Money Scams and many more.

This exciting and unprecidented bi-monthly magazine tears through the veil of secrecy and manipulation of the reality imposed upon us by 'The Hidden Ruling Elite and their agenda for total world control.

Issue 1 ( Jan/Feb) and Issue 2 (March/April) were released in free PDF downloadable format from the magazine website to huge critical acclaim. Issue 3 (May/June) to be released in May will be in hard print only and not available on the web as will all subsequent issues and be by subscription from the website.

For more information please contact Andrew Cheetham at Keystone Truth Publishing at
Tel. 044 (0)1978 861586

Keystone Truth Publishing
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