Houston CPA and IRS Tax Authority, Larry Weinstein Reveals That 1.3 Million American Taxpayers Will Forever Lose Their Right to Their IRS Tax Refunds on April 15, 2009

Taxpayers who have not filed their 2005 taxes will totally and forever lose the right to any tax refund they are legally entitled on April 15, 2009.

Houston, TX, March 30, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Houston CPA Larry Weinstein, reveals that there are over 1.3 million American taxpayers who are at risk of losing their 2005 tax refund. The IRS has a strict 3 year statute of limitations for the filing and receipt of their tax refund. Any claims filed after this time will not be honored.

This means that taxpayers who failed to file their 2005 tax return, which was originally due on April 15, 2006 are at risk of totally and forever losing any claim or right to refund they may be fully and legally entitled to.

The IRS estimates, there are $1.284 billion dollars of unclaimed tax refunds, with an average amount of $581 per person, which will automatically revert to the IRS if no claim is made by the taxpayer by April 15, 2009.

Weinstein provides a practical, informative interview. Some of the topics covered are:

* The biggest mistake taxpayers by not filing their tax returns.
* Why the IRS may hold-up your refund, even if they acknowledge that you are legally entitled to it?
* Why you should file a tax return even if you think you don't owe any tax
* Why low income taxpayers must file their tax return, even if they think they don't owe any tax
* What specific situations will require you to file your taxes, so that the IRS does not prepare your returns for you
* What information you need for filing your taxes and where to get it
* What tax forms are required to be filed and where to get them

Larry M. Weinstein is a CPA and Certified Tax Resolution Specialist and the National Director of www.SolveMyTaxProblems.com. He is Houston's foremost authority on IRS Tax Problems and how to best solve them. Larry is the author of the book, "The Official Taxpayer's Guide to Solving Your IRS Problem, The Seven Things You Must Know Before Solving Your IRS Tax Problems"

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