La Remige Publishers of France Launch an Instructive Book on Understanding the Europeans

"Machiavelli and The Mayflower," the forthcoming book from French publisher, La Remige, explains why clever people don't succeed in foreign businesses, and why the class system leads to bad relations in international corporations.

Paris, France, March 30, 2009 --( This long awaited book from author Bob Gillespie outlines what separates Europeans from each other and from their American cousins too. Describing himself as a "cultural mongrel," this Scot, born of an Italian mother and married to a Frenchwoman, was awarded the O.B.E. in 2005 for his international work.

Quoting Europe's most outrageous thinkers, Gillespie claims that European behavior is defined by religion and politics. More Europeans have perished in wars of religion and politics than in any other kind of war; cultural insensitivity has destroyed peace treaties, and, today, it destroy careers too.

The author describes four patterns of European behavior, which he calls, REFREP, ROMMON, ROMREP and REFMON; they describe those from "ROManist" or "REFormist" societies, and from "MONarchies" or "REPublics." Roman Catholic and Republican France is ROMREP, and Protestant and Monarchical Britain, is REFMON. Where ROMREPs understand each other, a ROMREP and a REFMON may not; in fact, the author claims that more culture gap separates the ROMREP French from the REFMON English than any other European nation. He describes the Americans as the archetypal REFREPs.

"Machiavelli and The Mayflower" is available from La Remige Publishers starting April 20th 2009: see more on

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