Angel Bischak Announces $10 Million Donation for Humanitarian Project

Bountiful, UT, March 30, 2009 --( Angels Wealth Lenders received $10 million for humanitarian projects. This funding will allow a number of humanitarian endeavors to benefit from this act of kindness.

The directors at Angels Wealth Lenders are constantly providing assistance for projects that benefit humanitarian and green energy needs. “We require at least 50% of our projects to have a humanitarian or environmentally friendly application. The funds so generously provided by William Henderson, Duke of New Zealand, will be used to benefit humanitarian projects in Africa and possibly other locations as well,” says Angel Bischak, President and CEO of Angels Wealth Lenders.

These days, it’s not enough to provide food and water to those in need. Angels Wealth Lenders seeks to help projects that fund infrastructure, housing development, and job creation.

About the Angels Wealth Lenders

Angels Wealth Lenders specializes in business transactions, working with the world’s largest structured financing firms. Over 50 directors operating globally process projects to lenders working on a worldwide global basis for commercial structural development and the expansion of any business enterprise. The sister company, Angels Lending Group, specializes in unconventional financing options working with the world’s top financing and banking institutions. Together, both companies focus on green energy and humanitarian projects.

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