Choose to do Right Unlock the Prison Doors with This Proven Guide to Criminal Rehabilitation

Denver, CO, March 31, 2009 --( When Andrew Matson was 24 years old he found himself sitting in a prison cell, convicted of burglary and theft and sentenced to 30 years. Alone and terrified, he realized that he would have to do something drastic to turn his life around. His book, Choose to Do Right, newly released by Outskirts Press, is the product of this realization.

According to The Denver Post (3/3/09), “Including jail and prison inmates, the total population of the US corrections system now exceeds 7.3 million.” The article goes on to state that in 2007, one in every 31 US adults was in prison, on probation, or on parole. This epidemic impacts not only the criminal but their families and society as a whole. Some may say that people can’t change, but Andrew has developed a proven path to criminal rehabilitation.

Choose to Do Right is written by someone who knows what it takes to eliminate bad habits and overcome the errors in thinking and perception that lead to irresponsible behavior and crime. It is a guide to responsible living, written by an ex-convict who has actualized the concepts in the book to successfully regain control over his life. It is for criminals and their loved ones—those who truly want to understand what it takes to change and live a responsible and productive life.

Choose to Do Right asserts that “irresponsible behavior and crime are the results of a series of psychological mechanisms and errors in thought and perception that combine to distort reality to the point that a particular irresponsible or criminal act seems justifiable, acceptable, or even necessary.” It is this “criminal perspective” and the associated errors in thinking and perception that combine to perpetuate irresponsible behavior. Criminal behavior, then, is simply a choice that is based on this criminal point of view.

Andrew concludes that, as most criminals have the same erroneous thoughts and perceptions, working to change these errors drives behavioral change more effectively than any punishment, rehabilitation program, or sheer willpower ever could. In order to truly change, Criminals must develop a whole new perspective on life that is guided by fundamental truths and principles instead of unrealistic thoughts and beliefs.

Today, Matson is a living testimonial to the fact that there is a way for anyone who is weary of carrying the burden of poor choices to overcome their past and create a happy and productive life—one choice at a time.

ISBN: 978-1-4327-2862-5 Format: 6 x 9 paperback SRP: $24.95
Genre: Self-Help / Personal Growth

About the Author: After his release from prison, Andrew Matson graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in psychology. He is frequently asked to speak about his personal experiences and what he has learned throughout his journey of self-improvement and responsible living. Andrew continues to be successful in all that he does as he applies the principles of responsible living outlined in Choose to Do Right in his own life. He and his wife and their four children live in Parker, Colorado.

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