Remote Backup Systems, Inc.
Remote Backup Systems, Inc.

Leading Online Backup Software Company Releases List of Top Threats to Computer Data and Networks

Hackers and Slackers are Computer Data's Worst Enemies.

Memphis, TN, July 26, 2006 --( Remote Backup Systems, Inc. (RBS), developer and distributor of RBackup™ online backup software on the web at, today announced the release of the top threats to computer users. The list, compiled from dozens of industry sources, underscores the critical nature of automated, secure, remote data backup as the major component in both disaster preparation and business continuity planning.

“Threats to business and consumer computer data are constantly changing,” commented Tommy Gardner, Remote Backup Systems’ Director of Sales and Marketing, “and keeping abreast of these threats and their significance to computer users is a key priority at Remote Backup Systems.”

Making the list of top threats to computer data this year are:

Hardware Failures - Crashed hard drives, failed controllers, blown motherboards and other hardware malfunctions account for up to 44% of all data loss.

Human Error - Accidental deletion of critical files, failure to properly save data, accidental destruction of hardware, accidental overwriting of files and failure to properly back up data accounts for up to 32% of all data loss.

Systems Outages or Fluctuations - power surges, electrical outages, failed power supplies, and static discharges.

Viruses and Trojans - Almost 11,000 new Win32 viruses and worms were documented in the last half of 2005, representing a 49% percent growth rate year over year.

Failed or forgotten manual backup processes - businesses that opt for manual data backup processes frequently lose data because the backup sessions were forgotten or performed improperly.

Malware - these malicious programs and virus variants include network worms, spyware, adware, keyloggers, spam, phishing schemes, and bots.

Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks - During a recent six-month timeframe, a popular security vendor noted an increase in DoS attacks of 51% - to an average of 1402 per day.

Loss or destruction of backup media - tapes and other on-site backup media are often destroyed along with the data’s original host computer hardware.

Natural disasters - Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fire and other natural hazards are responsible for roughly 3% of annual data loss.

Employee sabotage - an employee with direct access to sensitive or mission-critical data can wipe out entire data stores with a few keystrokes.

Remote backup software neutralizes all of these threats by providing a fully-restorable offsite data set, and provides an unparalleled level of protection for computer data of all types. For more information on remote backup software and services visit

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Remote Backup Systems, Inc. is the global leader in the distribution of Client and Server software to rapidly deploy a high reliability, high security Internet-based online backup service, and a robust range of support services including national customer referrals. In 1989 RBS designed the world's first online backup software for microcomputers, which has been available to the public since 1991. With over 7000 remote backup servers active in 65 countries, RBS founded the online data backup industry and leads the market with experience, innovation, and support.

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