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Kristiina Lehtonen Now on Display at BestNetArt Art Gallery

Fantastic artprints by the Finnish graphic artist Kristiina Lehtonen are now on display and for sale at the Internet based BestNetArt Art Gallery ( Kristiina Lehtonen produces etchings of a stunning quality, and they are beautiful to look at and a joy to own.

Hollywood, CA, July 25, 2006 --( BestNetArt Art Gallery has been on the market for some years and the Gallery has been looking for the best printmakers in the world to represent and sell. The Finnish artist and printmaker Kristiina Lehtonen has now joined the Gallery with a big selection of her recent works. She produces a limited number of etching, aquatint prints each year. One print can take a month to prepare, and that can really be seen from the end result. Her prints are excellently produced, they are very beautiful to look at and often there is a hidden message in the innocent looking motive. You can also find small details in the picture, often animal, footsteps, gnomes etc.

“The work by Kristiina Lehtonen could make very good illustrations to children’s book,” says the BestNetArt Artgallery owner Magnus Segercrantz, and continues; “the prints would be a joy for every child to own and look at – an excellent present for anyone.”

The prints made by Kristiina Lehtonen and many other top quality printmakers can be found at the Internet Art Gallery Art Gallery is a on-line Internet based Art Gallery specializing in small size limited edition art prints made by contemporary artists from all around the world. The Gallery represents a selected number of top quality artists from countries such as The Netherlands, Greece, Sweden, Slovakia, Japan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Finland, Mexico, USA and Estonia.

“It is a joy to represent top-quality artists,” says the galley owner Magnus Segercrantz.

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