Amazon Cruise to the Yavari River

Amazon Riverboat expedition to study the endangered Red Uakari Monkey.

Bayfield, CO, April 19, 2009 --( GreenTracks’ Amazon Riverboat Expedition Cruises will do something very special in June and July...a rare opportunity to visit one of the most outstanding wild places in the Neotropics. Few places in the world rival the Yavari River, an Amazon tributary dividing Peru and Brazil, for sheer wildness. All of the classic wildlife is there, but this trip is especially focused on observing the critically endangered Red Uakari Monkey (Cacajao melanocephala rubicunda) at the Lago Preto Conservation Concession. The Concession is a 10,000 hectare block of tropical forest located in the upper Yavari River just below the confluence of the Yavari and Yavari Miri Rivers. The forest of Lago Preto are some of the most biodiverse habitats in the Amazon, with 13 sympatric species of primates, an extraordinary avian assemblage, a unique floral composition and one of the greatest diversities of fish and frog species found in the Neotropics. Large mammals are regularly sighted along the forest trails, including peccaries, the occasional tapir, many primate species, edentates such as armadillos, anteaters, and sloths, and large cat species.

The Lago Preto Conservation Concession has the greatest resident population of Red Uakari monkeys found to date. This population of Red Uakari monkeys is estimated at around 500 individuals within the concession. Most of the Red Uakari monkeys are habituated and easy to observe. These fantastic monkeys and the Red Uakari Project are the object of the upcoming documentary "Uakari-Secrets of the English Monkey" which will air on Animal Planet on Sunday, May 3, 2009, 7pm EST.

This trip is for wildlife enthusiasts and adventurous travelers wanting to experience a remote rainforest environment. You will travel aboard the incomparable Ayapua riverboat. The Ayapua is a 108 ft. riverboat hailing from the Rubber Era (built in Germany in 1906) and meticulously restored to reflect the architecture of that period. It is the only ship from the Rubber Boom remaining in the Amazon. The boat is air-conditioned and features private cabins. Boarding this beautiful boat is like walking onto a movie set - even though it has all of the modern comforts, including e-mail, a movie room, and a library - with the perfect look of the late 19th Century, right down to the (working) Victrolas. The food is excellent and everyone enjoys the unforgettable pleasures of Peruvian hospitality.

This 7 day/6 night trip departs Iquitos, Peru on June 21-27 and the July 12-18. Call 800-892-1035 for further information. With over 17 years of operation GreenTracks has provided memorable experiences of the Amazon to thousands of travelers. Visit

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