Increasing Information Amount Develops Data Storage Solutions

Riga, Latvia, April 23, 2009 --( Along with increase of the information volume stored by business organizations, also the need for safe and economically advantageous data storage keeps increasing. By enhancing the speed of service provision and the capacity of data storage, the Latvian IT outsourcing provider DEAC has introduced a new data storage solution.

Companies generate massive data amounts daily and therefore the matter of how and where to save them safely while not increasing the costs related to data storage becomes more topical. By investing more than 100 thousand Euros into development of data storage infrastructure, Latvian IT company DEAC has enlarged the capacity of data storage up to several hundred terabytes (TB) and has developed a data storage and management solution “Storage as a Service” or SaaS, which allows to respond immediately to client requests for large data storage space.

“Storage as a Service” is a data storage model, where the service provider with large data storage capacity rents space for storing data to other companies, by ensuring access to the data via internet. Use of such service allows the company to store the necessary data volume safely without investing ample funds into creation and maintenance of own data storage infrastructure.

“To say it in a simpler way, the additional space necessary for data storage is created similarly to computer hard disks, wherein the client can save all sorts of data. Only in this case, the hard disk is located at the DEAC data centre and the client has a remote access to it,” says Andris Gailītis, the chairperson of the Board of DEAC, explaining the new data storage opportunities in more detail.

“Previously, many companies have been trying themselves to ensure data storage, by using various data storage solutions – data tape libraries, disk data arrays, recorded CDs or DVDs,” continues A.Gailītis. “This type of approach requires great investments for acquiring storage equipment and for arranging premises for data storage. Furthermore, the company will need to hire a computer specialist, who would monitor data storage and copying, and there is a risk of loosing data in case of incorrect storage thereof.”

The benefits of the storage service offered by DEAC, unlike the data storage solutions offered by other companies, include flexibility and fast reaction in providing the service. “The clients, who require an urgent data storage solution, can receive it on the same day regardless of the volume of data to be stored. We can equally operatively implement changes related to increase or decrease of data storage volume and transmission speed. To increase or decrease the volume of storable data and transmission speed – it depends on the immediate desires and potentialities of the client. Along with our company’s development of data storage solutions and infrastructure, the changes to be implemented for the client can be performed literally within five minutes,” says A. Gailītis.

The new data storage solution is easily compatible with practically all server systems. The clients can access it from their office work stations, as well as from server systems located in other data centres, by keeping all data in the data storage of the DEAC data centre.

The clients, who are already using the data storage services offered by DEAC, justify their choice with lower risk of loosing data, with an opportunity to store more data in long-term, which can be accessed at any time, as well as with lower costs related to creation and maintenance of data storage infrastructure.

DEAC offers a wide range of outsourced IT services, including data centre services, servicing of computer equipment and IT, WEB page and system design, hosting services and consultations. The company has more than 2,000 clients, including the Bank of Latvia, Rietumu Banka, Danske Banka,,, Tele2, Seesam Latvija, TV 3 Latvija, The Baltic Times, and other major projects and companies. DEAC is the official distributor of DELL solutions in Latvia, as well as an official partner of IT companies such as Microsoft, VMware, APC and Doclogix.

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