Do Catholic Schools Have a Future - a Catholic Digest Special Report

Catholic Digest explores whether or not Catholic schools can survive in these trying times, and what the value of Catholic schooling is to those who advocate for the survival.

New London, CT, April 26, 2009 --( Local newspaper headlines announce the closings of more Catholic schools every day. Are Catholic schools still relevant, and how can dioceses convince parents and students of their value?

Catholic Digest explores the creative ways dioceses are recruiting and retaining students in the special report, "Do Catholic Schools Have a Future?" found at

Author Kerry Weber examines the difficulties these schools face and what techniques they're using to keep tuition down and increase enrollment. The article also pinpoints the value that parents working to save their schools see in a Catholic education. Read the article in its entirety at

Also in the May 2009 issue: Catholic Digest examines the mysterious and healing power of faith. Beth Dotson Brown describes how her faith helped her fight through a devastating cancer diagnosis in "My Faith Helped Me Fight Cancer" found at

"I went into surgery praying for protection for myself and the surgeon, but I wasn’t the only one sending missives to heaven that day," says Brown in the article. "I believe there’s something healing, if intangible, about the power of prayer." Read more at

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