Prague Play Pass is Geared to Raise the Stakes on What a Modern Day Guidebook Can Be

Prague, Czech Republic, July 31, 2006 --( The modern day guidebook can seem so impersonal. Play Pass intends on changing that by not only telling you what sights to see, where to eat and what nightclubs to hit, but by also giving you incentives that include free entry, free drinks, discounts and queue jumps at some of Prague’s premier establishments. Play Pass aims to help you maximize your time in Prague.

Play Pass is a book of sixty-five cards divided under five topics: clubs, bars, culture, restaurant, and activities. Their local experts have gone to great length to let you know where Hollywood stars, such as Matt Dillon or Elijah Wood, in need of a night out hit, or where the Japanese Ambassador dines when in need of a sushi fix.

The difference between your average guidebook and Play Pass is this: at every single establishment there is something special waiting on you. Don’t feel like standing in the enormous queue that awaits all patrons at the largest club in Central Europe? You don’t have to. Is a classical concert at the Prague Castle your thing? You can do it for a fraction of the price.

“What people respond the best to is that Play Pass is like their personal VIP ticket to some of the hottest spots in the city. We’ve covered all the activities you could possibly imagine doing while in Prague. When people go on holiday they don’t want it to be stressful and we’ve taken extra steps to ensure that Play Pass is informative, fun, and most of all easy to use,” says Roman Krupicka, Marketing Manager.

Play Pass is simple and effective. Sixty-five activities mapped out for you under five topics recommended by our experts assembled by the Play Pass team for your pleasure. Play Pass is available now for you to enjoy Prague properly.

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Roman Krupicka