Knee & Shoulder Clinic of Chennai, India
Knee & Shoulder Clinic of Chennai, India

Unique Knee Surgery for American Teacher in India by's Orthopedic Surgeon

An American teacher outsourced his Knee replacement to India after being shunned by American Orthopedic surgeons for not having medical insurance. A High flex knee replacement was done at a Chennai private hospital by renowned Knee specialist Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam.

Chennai, India, July 30, 2006 --( An American in dire need of a Knee replacement to secure a job fast tracked his passage to India for medical treatment abroad. Unable to recover from crippling secondary knee osteoarthritis in middle age itself, JR from Washington DC was in desperate need of affordable surgery. He returned home a fortnight ago after recovering from a High flex Knee replacement performed by Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam of This was the first of its kind surgery for an American citizen in the country.

Although more than 500000 people undergo a Knee replacement in the US per year, many more are in need of surgery. This is due to the increase in the number of baby boomers. 45 million US citizens lack Medical insurance or Medicare. The comptroller general of the US has forecast that outsourcing medical care was the only way out as costs were rising and the Gorvernment lacking resources. Indian Doctors and hospitals provide Orthopedic surgery like Hip and knee replacements, Shoulder and spine surgery, Knee and Shoulder arthroscopy to Americans and Britishers at vastly affordable costs. Private medical care in India by UK and US trained surgeons matches or evenexcels standards of their peers in the West with that extra charm of personalised care that one can ever get. Some procedures which have only recently been permitted by the FDA at a few centres have been practiced in India for many years. These are the Oxford Knee replacements, Surface Hip replacements, Articular surface replacement of the Hip.

JR was very grateful to his surgeon and left icomiums of praise for the Doctor in an audio testimonial on

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