Sunset Records Signs Multi Record Deal with the Georgia Rock Band, Down from Zero

New York, NY, April 30, 2009 --( Down From Zero, the greatly buzzed Georgian based heavy metal hard rock group featuring vocalist and guitarist Jason Scott, bassist Jonathon Paul and drummer Brian Doggins, has signed an exclusive worldwide recording deal with Sunset Records. The exceptional trio will release its highly anticipated debut album on July 21.

Scott, Paul and Doggins are now being considered as three of hard rock's rookies of the year in the music industry. Their upstart careers in this industry are showcased by an incredible live show with some of the top playing in hard rock today. These three critically acclaimed musicians put together songs and music of monolithic power as a unit. Together they're making some of the best hard rocking and soaring rock music with this lineup of incredible artistic capability which will hopefully lead to commercial success for its new label, Sunset.

"I love this signing for the main label at Sunset. I was in the middle of the 5th or 6th song and realized I had to find some ways to develop this band. They are very much distinguished musicians which is easy to hear in seconds, and this powerhouse trio has at least ten (10) songs that I have in hand that should no doubt turn heads in right away in the rock music world. This album (due to hit streets on July 21) will no doubt thrust this group into the very forefront of what is going on in rock music today," said Don Lichterman, Head of Sunset Records.

Lichterman continues to say that he “expects the masters to be delivered by the end of the week. And, we want this in stores all over the world by the middle of summer. Lichterman believes “this deal will be great for the label.” And the label expects to be working many live shows throughout the entire year beginning next month in May.

This past month, Down From Zero played all over their local Georgia territory before signing this deal with Sunset. The group received nothing less than what are rave reviews of their live show. The band is finishing up in the LedBelly Sound studio doing its final mixing and mastering with Matt Washburn in Georgia in preparation for their upcoming Sunset debut CD with a street day of July 21st.

Sunset Records is the main proper global pop rock record label at Sunset, is fast becoming one of the world's leading Indy record companies. Sunset can boast to having more than 200 CDs and DVDs in its catalog today. Its distribution is with CBuJ, located in Nashville. In addition, Sunset’s Music Publishing Company has over 30 artists’ signs to worldwide songwriting deals.

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