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Non-Traditional Marketing Consulting Firm Helps New Author Attain Nirvana

Susan Lee Consulting helps first time novelist launch his first book, When The Buddha Met Bubba, by raising his pre-order rankings from 1 million to 6,600 on Amazon in one day.

Mentone, AL, May 01, 2009 --( Susan Lee Consulting, a new, non-traditional marketing firm, plans to take Richard “Dixie” Hartwell's first book, =When The Buddha Met Bubba=, straight to the bestsellers list through an aggressive marketing campaign. So far, the strategy seems to be working.

Innovative marketing strategies took the author's pre-order ranking on Amazon (which changes hourly) from 1,200,000 to 6,600 in under 24 hours. =When the Buddha Met Bubba= is being marketed with a grass roots e-mail campaign, a website, press releases, direct marketing and blogging.

Unusual tactics, like mailing a quirky full-color postcard (showing a laughing Buddha perched on top of a rusty old truck) to a handful of publishers, landed a publishing deal for Hartwell within 48 hours. Turner Publishing, ranked #1 as the fastest growing independent book publisher in the US by Publisher's Weekly, is excited about the potential sales success of =When The Buddha Met Bubba=.

"It's about creating a buzz and putting the book in the hands of its niche audience," Susan Lee says. "=When The Buddha Met Bubba= is a fantasy, a comedy, a romance and an inspirational novel all in one. That isn't the easiest thing to market through traditional channels, but the book is so great and has been received with overwhelming praise in its e-book form that we are confident it will find a loyal following and indeed it already has.

=When The Buddha Met Bubba= is about spiritual growth and faith. This whimsical fantasy deals with the integrity and surrender that comes when a likable redneck, Bubba, meets his magical mentor, Pu Tai, as they set off on a journey. It has at its center a love story between a man and a woman and the devotion of a beautiful gay couple. Throw in the struggle to heal a father-son wound, prejudice, and bigotry and add a little humor with true Buddhist/Christian compassion and you end up with a novel that is not only different but just plain fun.

Online media releases and an e-mail marketing campaign has sparked interest from Hollywood too. A major rep at a major motion picture studio has already asked for more information on the book. "The author always envisioned this story as a movie, so we're very excited about that possibility," Lee says.

=When The Buddha Met Bubba= is available for pre-order on Amazon now. The e-book version of the novel can be downloaded for free at

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