KeepCalling Supports Bolivian Organization Mosoj Yan

Telecommunications company through its website took the initiative to support the social sphere by donating part of the profits to the organization Mosoj Yan.

Cochabamba, Bolivia, May 10, 2009 --( began a social support project. The first part is to assist the efforts of the Center for Children and Young Workers Program Mosoj Yan. This Christian organization has been conducting programs for prevention, intervention, rehabilitation, reintegration and family planning information in the city of Cochabamba. Their main objective is to work with girls and young women to continue their educational activities. They also work with teenagers and teenage mothers who live in the streets with their children and have been exposed to inhaling addictive substances.

Mosoj Yan is an institution that has been serving this high risk population in Bolivia for the last 17 years. During all these years it was easy to see the dedication of the center to give better opportunities to girls and working teenagers. “Mosoj Yan", which means “New Path” in Quechua language is committed to help kids, teenagers and young mothers (between 6-18 years old) to give a new meaning to their lives and to support them to access educational programs.

As a non governmental organization, Mosoj Yan counts on a minimum collaboration from the government and relies mostly on donations to support the center. On the ground of the economic crisis the financial support received has been diminished consistently. Therefore Mosoj Yan has a team who constantly seeks new partners and collaborators such as companies – local or foreign, organizations or people who can afford to help them.

Established in 2002 and registered in Atlanta, Georgia (USA), has global offices in America and Europe. One of the main offices is situated in Cochabamba, Bolivia. The company currently serves over 40.000 customers located worldwide throughout more than 130 websites. One of the first websites developed was Launched in 2006 the website is a great choice to call Bolivia. The main beliefs of the company are efficiency and reliability of the service provided to the customers through dedication and personalized assistance from the Customer Service and Public Relations Department.

As a telecom company one of the main goals is to help people communicate. The company's Motto is (It's easy to call home). At the beginning the main purpose was to offer a reliable phone service which is easy to use and affordable. However, with the constant growth the decision was made to start analyzing the groups of people who choose the products and offer them more than just a phone card. As home will always be part of who they are, starting this year the company decided to give something back to the community. A charity project was elaborated and KeepCalling started to support organizations which best represent the idea of home and which also best help the local communities.

Mosoj Yan was picked as a recipiant for the donation because of their constant struggle to improve the lives of children who deserve a second chance. As KeepCalling plans to take part in the future of phone communication the aim is to help mostly the cradle of each community. Children represent the future of each nation and it means a lot to be able to help an organization which is involved in educating and raising children.

"Our partnership with Mosoj Yan gives us a great opportunity to prove that successful entrepreneurship goes hand in hand with social responsability. As our company continues to grow, we are looking at more chances to get involved with worthy causes around the world. Our customers make thousands of calls each day to every corner of this world and we want to make an impact in those places more and more every day.”- Florin Miron, President of KeepCalling.

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